Puppy Crate Training with a Doggie Door

Many people are interested in training their dog, or puppy training with the use of a doggy door. What you may not know is that you can actually use a crate to train your puppy or dog on how to properly use the dog door.

For instance, you can actually back the entry of the crate up to the doggy door when the dog is ready to retire for the evening, or when you are going to be away for a few hours. There are quite a few advantages to this setup, depending on how far the dog is along in his training.

If the dog is very young, we suggest putting a harness on the dog with an attachment that lets the dog get in and out of the doggie door. This means the dog is attached to your home with a lead, but they have the freedom to be in their crate or out in a cleared space in your yard. The pup also has the freedom to go to the bathroom as he needs to without soiling the crate.

The key is to ensure there is nothing on which to catch the line. Now the pup can’t eat what he is not supposed to be eating, nor can he fall in the pool, crawl under the fence, or chew up the lounge chairs. If it is hot or cold outside – he can get in the crate which is indoors, and stay either warm or cool. You will leave the house with confidence and sleep peacefully knowing that your couch will still be there when you return or awaken. This is dog training made easy!

Once the dog is older, they don’t have to be attached to a lead and they will have the freedom to be in their crate or out in your yard. One of the greatest benefits of this layout is that if your dog had to go to the bathroom in the night, you didn’t have to wake up to see to them. Either way, your dog is learning to live in its crate and not to soil it, which is helping to teach and maintain proper house training and being comfortable in their “cave.”

If you take the crate down while you are in the home and you put it up whenever you leave, your dog will learn to go outside on his own to go to the bathroom all the sooner. Eventually if you like, when you have an obedient and trained dog, you won’t even have to put the crate up for the dog and they will come and go as they please.

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