Trainers Dominate World Championships

Sit Means Sit as recently represented for the third year in a row at the DockDogs World Championships in Canton, Ohio from September 2 – 4, 2011.

The 2011 season in the DockDogs circuit saw a tremendous competition brewing for the world level invitational event. Dogs and handlers from all across the US and Canada flocked to Canton, Ohio to descend upon the Stark County Fair for three days of swimming, diving and jumping.

Through Friday and Saturday’s competition anxious competitors wrangled, shouted, clapped and jumped all while vying for a coveted qualifying score. A qualifying score sends them to finals round for the third and final day of competition.

Sit Means Sit Trainers and DockDogs competitors Tony Lampert with ‘Baxter’ (defending champions in the Iron Dog division & Indoor Big Air World Record Holder), Dave Skoletsky with ‘Yeager’ (current world record holder in Outdoor Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog) and Jon Langdon with ‘Remy’ each achieved scores that qualified them for Sunday’s finals.

An incredible showing was made by all competitors, and we’re pleased to congratulate Tony & Baxter, Dave & Yeager, and Jon & Remy for an outstanding performance.

Congratulations to Remy & Jon for nabbing the fourth podium position in the Big Air competition.

Congratulations to Tony & Baxter for securing the second place spot on the Iron Dog podium and dominating the Big Air podium to grab yet another World Championship Title for the second year running.

Congratulations to Dave & Yeager for grabbing the fourth place spot in the Iron Dog division as well as taking home the title of World Champion in the Extreme Vertical (EV) division. If that wasn’t enough, Yeager also crushed the existing EV world record by breaking it not only once, but twice throughout the weekend! Yeager’s current record for EV sits at an astonishing 8’2″! Not bad for a rookie year!

A huge congratulations goes to all the DockDogs competitors from this years World’s for making such a tremendous competition.

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