September 24, 2007

How long can a dog hold it before it has to potty?

The general rule is that most puppies can hold it for as many hours as their age in months PLUS one. So if the dog is 3 months old it should be able to hold it for 4 hours. If the dog is 8 months old it should be able to hold it for 9 hours.

An adult dog can hold it about the same amount of time as an adult person. They realistically need to go about every six or so hours. Yes, they can hold it longer but prefer to go more often. Just like you.

Smaller dogs have a harder time holding it longer. And the older the dog the less control they have over their bladder. Just like you.

If you dog is home ALL day long without going it’s best to have a pet sitter let them out once during the day.

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