Austin Dog Training: Give This Labradoodle a Garden Tool and He’ll Help With Yard Work!

Client’s Name: Ruth

Dog’s Name: “Bandit”

City: Austin

Breed: Labradoodle

Likes:Bandit loves to fetch the ball and help with yard work.

Pet-Peeves:Bandit doesn’t like have his ears cleaned.

Favorite Toy:Racoon. He loves to fetch it, shake it and make it squeak.

Favorite Treat: Chicken jerky strips

Favorite Walk: So far he’s only walked in my complex. Soon to be taken to a dog park

Best Trick: Ball fetching

Arrival Story: Bandit came to his new home on May 10th. I have always wanted a dog and realized it was time to do it! I wanted a companion that could go places with me.

Why Training / Sit Means Sit: Sit Means Sit was recommended to me by my breeder, who had a client that loved the training.

Motto: Silly. Bandit loves to cover his eyes with his paws and act silly.

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About Danielle

I have now been working professionally with dogs for a little over six years and I couldn’t be happier! My philosophy is that the best trainer is the one with the most “tools in their toolbox”, so I am constantly researching and studying to learn new tools and techniques to train your dogs. I especially learn from my girls, Arrow and Rouge, as they continue to teach me new things all the time! I have had hands on experience, in rescue, fostering, and training, with several thousand dogs, of all different sizes, breeds, temperaments, and behavior problems. I became a dog trainer in order to aid and educate owners on how to solve behavior problems, in order to have a happier, more satisfied and harmonious life with their pets. Dogs are my passion and I firmly believe that a well trained dog, is a happy, confident dog - which makes a happy, satisfied owner! Sit Means Sit’s attention based training will enhance your relationship with your dog tenfold!
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