Austin Dog Training: Give This Labradoodle a Garden Tool and He’ll Help With Yard Work!

Client’s Name: Ruth

Dog’s Name: “Bandit”

City: Austin

Breed: Labradoodle

Likes:Bandit loves to fetch the ball and help with yard work.

Pet-Peeves:Bandit doesn’t like have his ears cleaned.

Favorite Toy:Racoon. He loves to fetch it, shake it and make it squeak.

Favorite Treat: Chicken jerky strips

Favorite Walk: So far he’s only walked in my complex. Soon to be taken to a dog park

Best Trick: Ball fetching

Arrival Story: Bandit came to his new home on May 10th. I have always wanted a dog and realized it was time to do it! I wanted a companion that could go places with me.

Why Training / Sit Means Sit: Sit Means Sit was recommended to me by my breeder, who had a client that loved the training.

Motto: Silly. Bandit loves to cover his eyes with his paws and act silly.

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About Danielle

I LOVE DOGS! I can't remember a time growing up when we didn't have canine companions. I've worked with dog rescues and nonprofits, making the world a better place for pups and their pet parents. While working for Canines and Cats Rescue, I saw first hand how many pets don't have homes. Shockingly, one main reason dogs are abandoned or surrendered is because of behavioral issues. I became a dog trainer to help educate people on proper techniques to solve these issues, so that they don't feel the need to get rid of their family pet. All dogs want to be good dogs, they just need us to tell them how to be! Dogs are my passion and I firmly believe that a well trained dog, is a happy, confident dog - which makes a happy, satisfied owner! Sit Means Sit uses attention based training that has proven results, and will make your relationship with your dog a more harmonious one.
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