Austin Dog Training: Labradoodle Hates Swimming But Loves Running! Oh, and Tortilla Chips!

Client’s Name: Laura

Dog’s Name: “June”

City: Austin

Breed: Labradoodle

Likes:Run, walk, be next to me!

Pet Peeves:Swimming, being left alone, anything with unknown people or other dogs, very nervous to be left alone and scared of most anything that doesn’t have me next to her

Favorite Toy:Her and my roommates dog play tug of war a lot with those kind of toys, they take the stuffing out of all the stuffed toys

Favorite Treat:Doggie crack, tortilla chips, chicken, really any kind of people food. Not interested with regular dog treats.

Favorite Walk: Anywhere she can be off leash and run in the woods

Best Trick: Sit…. lol

Arrival Story: I got her from a breeder up north of Dallas. She was 6 months old when I got her and I think she had been neglected. She was VERY afraid of anything and everything and had clearly missed her prime socialization window. It took her about 4-5 months to warm up to me. She is doing a lot better but very weary of a lot of things.

Why Training / Sit Means Sit:June is a very very sweet dog, but I want to have her more trained so she can come with me more places and will listen to me. I always said I would not be the person with the dog that didn’t listen.


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About Jacob

Growing up I always had a dog, but never knew really knew how to train one. Years later after my childhood dog had passed; I got a German shepherd puppy. This was my chance to have a well behaved dog that was brought up correctly. As you know raising a puppy can be a handful, so I went through two dog trainers before finding Sit Means Sit. The first was with a dog behaviorist. I was able to learn a lot from the experience; however, it was still not the kind of solid foundation training I was looking for. The second was with a group of very knowledgeable trainers. Initially we worked on obedience that led to my passion of protection and sport training. I valued the skill set I learned from them, but something crucial was still missing from their method. I began researching training techniques, and helping friends and neighbors with the knowledge I had obtained. That is when I began to realize how rewarding and helpful dog training can be. That was just the start! My desire and drive to learn more about dog training rapidly began to grow, but there was something missing from the training I was taught in the past. The attention from my dog! That is when I came across Sit Means Sit. Great success followed after learning attention based training. The bond between me and my dog grew as well. This was the solid foundation training I was looking for! My dog has more fun learning with me than she ever had in the past. I am proud to be part of something that can give such great results while still being easy and fun. Through the attention based training from Sit Means Sit, I am able to teach owners to feel confident about taking their dog into any given environment.
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