Austin Dog Training: Shepherd Mix Says “Who Doesn’t Like a Good Scoop of Cat Poop With a Chardonnay?”

Client’s Name: Bianca

Dog’s Name: “Emma”

City: Austin, TX

Breed: Mutt

Likes:Swimming and eating cat poop

Pet-Peeves:Sitting still and shutting up. She’s very energetic and vocal

Favorite Toy:Stuffed animals, she likes to destroy them

Favorite Treat: Carrots

Favorite Walk: Auditorium shores, or everywhere where there’s water and other dogs

Best Trick: I’ll hopefully have an answer for that question after the training with Danielle 🙂

Arrival Story: Walked into the backyard as a puppy, wanted to stay

Why Training / Sit Means Sit:She wants to see and sniff everything when we go on a walk, therefore pulls a lot. And she barks at everything. Literally everything


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