Austin Dog Training: Yellow Lab Is Happiest When He Is With His People!

Client’s Name: Brandon

Dog’s Name: “Milo”

City: Bastrop, TX

Breed: Labrador

Likes:He loves to be with people, play fetch, go on walks. No matter what we are doing he wants to be around his people

Pet-Peeves:He’s an easy going dog. The month I have had him, I haven’t noticed any dislikes. His tail is always going 100 mph

Favorite Toy:He loves his chew bone, he carries it around. He has a little stuffed animal he carries around too. He loves to play fetch with a tennis ball.

Favorite Treat: Dog biscuits, training liver treats

Favorite Walk: It doesn’t matter as long as he is with his people

Best Trick: Sit, lay, stay (sometimes) more to come…

Arrival Story: We are Milo’s 3 family. His first family, their son is allergic to dogs. His second family is a co-worker of mine who lives in an apartment and he was kept in a kennel all day. She mentioned to me about finding a new home for him. My family had a black lab who had passed away 6 month prior and I told her I think my family is ready for a dog. I took him home on a “trial” run to see how he would do with my 4 year old twins and how my wife liked him. With in a day he new he was a great addition to the family.

Why Training / Sit Means Sit:So that my family can enjoy him more. But most of all my company allows us to bring our pets to work. I work with individuals with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. My goal is to have him a a pet therapy dog and for him to be able to come to work with me. I selected Sit Means Sit because our current community dog at my work uses Sit Means Sit and I have heard nothing but good things.

Motto:Always doing one’s best

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