Austin Dog Training: Yellow Lab Is Happiest When He Is With His People!

Client’s Name: Brandon

Dog’s Name: “Milo”

City: Bastrop, TX

Breed: Labrador

Likes:He loves to be with people, play fetch, go on walks. No matter what we are doing he wants to be around his people

Pet-Peeves:He’s an easy going dog. The month I have had him, I haven’t noticed any dislikes. His tail is always going 100 mph

Favorite Toy:He loves his chew bone, he carries it around. He has a little stuffed animal he carries around too. He loves to play fetch with a tennis ball.

Favorite Treat: Dog biscuits, training liver treats

Favorite Walk: It doesn’t matter as long as he is with his people

Best Trick: Sit, lay, stay (sometimes) more to come…

Arrival Story: We are Milo’s 3 family. His first family, their son is allergic to dogs. His second family is a co-worker of mine who lives in an apartment and he was kept in a kennel all day. She mentioned to me about finding a new home for him. My family had a black lab who had passed away 6 month prior and I told her I think my family is ready for a dog. I took him home on a “trial” run to see how he would do with my 4 year old twins and how my wife liked him. With in a day he new he was a great addition to the family.

Why Training / Sit Means Sit:So that my family can enjoy him more. But most of all my company allows us to bring our pets to work. I work with individuals with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. My goal is to have him a a pet therapy dog and for him to be able to come to work with me. I selected Sit Means Sit because our current community dog at my work uses Sit Means Sit and I have heard nothing but good things.

Motto:Always doing one’s best

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About Troy Pfeifer

Throughout my life I have always had at least one dog. I love dogs and spending time with them. Their unconditional love and affection is contagious and seeing people light up when they see a dog is priceless. As a trainer I work hard to ensure my clients' dogs are happy, confident and well trained so my clients and their dogs can spend more time together out in the amazing dog friendly city of Austin! You can read my full bio at
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