San Antonio Dog Training: Black Mouth Cur Mix Loves To Take a Bath Then Run Outside To the Mud!

Client’s Name: Maya

Dog’s Name: “Karlee”

City: San Antonio, TX

Breed: Black Mouth Cur/ mutt

Likes:Karlee loves to run and play outside as do most dogs. She loves laying out in the sun and licking people’s faces. She loves to be with her mommy no matter where she is (bathroom and shower included). She loves sticking her head out the car window and feeling the breeze. Karlee loves to get muddy right after a bath.

Pet-Peeves:Karlee refuses to take her heart worm medicine and loves to make her mom chase her around while she spits pieces out. She doesn’t like when her mom leaves even for a few minutes. She doesn’t like when her sister steals her treats.

Favorite Toy:Karlee loves all of the toys her mom buys her but especially likes the ones she can play tug of war with.

Favorite Treat: She doesn’t even know when her mom gives her a different treat because she loves them all and doesn’t even smell them before chewing them up.

Favorite Walk: She loves long walks when it isn’t too hot outside.

Best Trick: Karlee just learned come, sit, and place today! She’s a very fast learner and will hopefully learn some more tricks.

Arrival Story: Karlee is from the San Antonio humane society. I took her sister with me one day in April to pick out a roommate/best friend because my dad said I needed a roommate. He was expecting a human to be my roommate but I figured a dog would be even better. Her sister is a beagle/datschund named Lilly and was also adopted from the humane society about 2 years ago. Lilly didn’t like the first 3 puppies I brought into the room but she loved Karlee and immediately I knew she was the puppy for me. She was so loving and sweet from the very start. Two days after I brought Karlee home, she stopped eating. I took her to the vet and she said it was probably because of her new surroundings. The next day she still wasn’t eating so I took her back and again they said it was probably just a stomach bug. That night she threw up twice so I took her to the emergency animal hospital and asked them to test her for parvo. She tested positive and was immediately put on an IV. She was in the hospital for a week before she showed improvement. In fact, she didn’t look like she was going to make it and even though I only had her for a few days before she got sick, I was heartbroken. But she made it and now she is just like any other crazy puppy and you wouldn’t even know she was ever sick! I went to visit Karlee every day while she was in the hospital and they think that is why she pulled through. Now our bond is like no other. She is always by my side and I love her so much.

Why Training / Sit Means Sit: Since Karlee is going to be a big dog and I plan on taking her out in public often, I figured it would be a good idea to get her trained. Sit Means Sit had great reviews and while searching on the Internet, it was the only one I felt would be perfect. So far so good!

Motto:Small dog big bark. Right now she is a puppy with a bark like a Rottweiler. Never had a dog so loving.

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