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Lola AKA “Spoiled Rotten”

Client Name: Genny Ulmen & Jason Roper

Dogs Name/Nickname: Lola/Baby/Missy/Spoiled Rotten

Breed: Border Collie/Hound

Likes: Tennis Ball!!! (and anyone that will throw the tennis ball for her)

Pet Peeves: Other dogs getting in her personal space/People who don’t throw the tennis ball for her

Favorite Toy(s): Tennis ball!!!

Favorite Treat: Soft treats

Favorite Walk: Anywhere that leads to throwing a tennis ball

Arrival Story: Lola come to Genny and Jason from the Idaho Humane Society in February and is love life!

Motto: “Tennis balls!!!”

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Client Name: Rocky & Kriss Church

Dogs Name/Nickname: Bella

Breed: German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd

Likes: Her “people”/Playing fetch and herding her toys

Pet Peeves: Being left alone — when her “herd” is scattered

Favorite Toy(s): Tennis balls, Wumba, Nylabone, Frisbees, Fuzzballs

Favorite Treat: Chicken Strips

Favorite Walk: Foothills trails — Broken Horn/Currant Creek

Arrival Story: Rocky and Kriss saw Bella online at the shelter and thought she would be gone, but decided to take a look anyway. Love at first sight. They took her home.

Bio: Bells lives in Hidden Springs with her “people” and loves to go on walks with them.

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Gracie AKA “Princess Grace”

Client Name: Bill & Carolyn Nevins

Dogs Name/Nickname: Gracie/Princess Grace

Breed: Yorkie

Likes: Being the center of attention/Sprinklers

Pet Peeves: Baths — she tolerates them but doesn’t like them.

Favorite Toy: Black/orange chew toy to fetch

Favorite Treat: Doggie cookies

Favorite Walk: Doesn’t have a favorite walk — she’s happy just being outside.

Arrival Story: Gracie came to Bill and Carolyn when she was 6 weeks old. She has been the center of attention in their house ever since!

Bio: Gracie loves to play dress-up, wearing different bows and dresses all the time. She definitely has a princess attitude and truly thinks the world revolves around her!

Motto: “It’s all about me!”

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Golden Retriever Dog Training Client

Client Name: Christina Corrie

Dogs Name/Nickname: Bailey

Breed: Golden Retriever

Likes: Chuck-it, treats, toys, love and affection, biting ankles

Pet Peeves: Loud noises of any kind

Favorite Toy: Chuck-it or stuffed animal

Favorite Treat: Kong with peanut better or stuffed toy

Favorite Walk: To the park by her house

Arrival Story: Bailey lived with her prior owners until she was about 8 months old. They didn’t want her anymore. Christina and her family found Bailey in an ad in the paper, and when they met her, immediately fell in love with her amazing and loving personality.

Bio: Bailey’s parents work and go to school, but she loves when they get home and give her lots of love and affection. She LOVEs to play!

Motto: “I will be a well-behaved therapy dog someday.”

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Toy Aussie Dog Training Client

Client Name: Laura Ream

Dogs Name/Nickname: Skyler, “Wiggle-butt”, “Skyler Bear”

Breed: Toy Aussie

Likes: Food, treats, all kinds of toys, playing tag, walks/runs

Pet Peeves: The brush and baths

Favorite Toy: Orange chewable thing with chicken flavored treats

Favorite Treat: Anything she can eat, Zukes bones

Favorite Walk: Anywhere she can run off leash

Best Tricks: In the process of learning shake

Arrival Story: Laura knew exactly what kind of pup she wanted, but it was not easy to find. She searched all over for Toy Aussie breeders, and finally found one. When she saw Skyler’s picture, she knew that was her dog. After a week, and waiting to find out if she could even get her, she paid the fees and Skyler was flown in from OK.

Bio: Skyler loves her mom and playing tag with other dogs. Skyler loves to run while Laura rides her bike, and run circles in the park. She would spend every minute by Laura’s side if she could. Skyler is very smart and loves a challenge.

Motto: “You Can’t Catch Me!”

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Yellow Lab Dog Training Client

Client Name: Mary Kester

State: Idaho

Dogs Name/Nickname: Callie

Breed: Yellow Lab


Favorite Toys: Knobbie; and Ryker — her buddy

Favorite Treat: Carrots and Big “C” cookies

Favorite Walk: Around the neighborhood

Best Tricks: Sit and kisses

Arrival Story: Arriving at “Sit Means Sit” was the best thing we could have done for Callie and us. Christina is an AWESOME trainer and a very valuable asset to the dog training.

Bio: Callie was born March 7, 2011. She came to our home, where we have a Black Lab (Ryker), a Coon Hound (Daisy), and a German Shepherd (Bear), and with virtually no manners at all.

Motto: “I am QUEEN BEE!”

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Standard Poodle Dog Training Client

Client Name: Cassandra Lint

State: Idaho

Dogs Name/Nickname: Bacardi “Buck”

Breed: Standard Poodle

Likes: Belly rubs, bones, LOVES jumping

Favorite Toys: Pink stuffed pig “piggers” and his rope toy

Favorite Treat: Bones

Best Tricks: He’s still learning

Arrival Story: Cassandra drove to Jerome from Boise to pick him up, and he was an angel all the way home until they pulled into the driveway — then he got car sick.

Bio: Buck’s mom works full time and goes to school in the evenings, so she doesn’t get a lot of time to play with him during the week. But she gives him tons of attention on the weekends and before bedtime.

Motto: “I’m just waiting for you to leave the room so I can get on the couch.”

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Cockapoo Dog Training Client

Client Name: Mari Fullmer

State: Idaho

Dogs Name/Nickname: Elle

Breed: Cockapoo

Likes: Socks, scratches behind her ears, and kids

Favorite Toys: Stuffed squirrel

Favorite Treat: Pig ear chews

Favorite Walk: Any walks

Best Tricks: Roll over, shake

Arrival Story: Mari and her family found Elle online, saw her picture, and fell in love with her. Elle flew to Idaho from Missouri, and was so scared. But it didn’t take long for her fun personality to come out.

Bio: Elle lives with her mom and dad (David and Mari) and 4 brothers (mom and dad’s kids) and enjoys playing, walks, and naps.

Motto: “Life’s too short to be good ALL the time!”

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Springer Spaniel Dog Training Client

Client Name: Rebecca DuPont

State: Idaho

Dogs Name/Nickname: Bella, Bella Banana

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Likes: Food, walks, playing in the water

Pet-Peeves: Being left alone

Favorite Toys: Mr. Fuzzy Man, a stuffed pig

Favorite Treat: ANYTHING edible

Favorite Walk: Anywhere there’s a sprinkler or water

Best Tricks: Doesn’t know any yet

Arrival Story/Bio: Rebecca took her granddaughter to see the litter of puppies Bella was in, with every intention of look into other breeds. But after only about 3 minutes, she’d fallen in love with Bella and had written the check for her.

Motto: “Just turn on the bath water, mom!”

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Greyhound/German Shepherd Dog Training Client

Client Name: Jake & Alaina Sam 

State: Idaho

Dogs Name/Nickname: Maceo, Ceo

Breed: Greyhound/German Shepherd mix

Likes: Tug o’ war, running, playing with his sister Ruka, and camping

Pet-Peeves: Paper towel rolls, the vacuum, and baths

Favorite Toys: All toys!

Favorite Treat: All food!

Favorite Walk: To the school by their house

Best Tricks: High five

Arrival Story/Bio: Alaina found Maceo on the Idaho Humane Society website and begged for him for days. When Jake finally gave in, they got him that same day! Maceo is a high energy dog that jumps and runs A LOT. He chases his tail almost every day, and entertains them with his goofy personality.

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