Toy Aussie Dog Training Client

Client Name: Laura Ream

Dogs Name/Nickname: Skyler, “Wiggle-butt”, “Skyler Bear”

Breed: Toy Aussie

Likes: Food, treats, all kinds of toys, playing tag, walks/runs

Pet Peeves: The brush and baths

Favorite Toy: Orange chewable thing with chicken flavored treats

Favorite Treat: Anything she can eat, Zukes bones

Favorite Walk: Anywhere she can run off leash

Best Tricks: In the process of learning shake

Arrival Story: Laura knew exactly what kind of pup she wanted, but it was not easy to find. She searched all over for Toy Aussie breeders, and finally found one. When she saw Skyler’s picture, she knew that was her dog. After a week, and waiting to find out if she could even get her, she paid the fees and Skyler was flown in from OK.

Bio: Skyler loves her mom and playing tag with other dogs. Skyler loves to run while Laura rides her bike, and run circles in the park. She would spend every minute by Laura’s side if she could. Skyler is very smart and loves a challenge.

Motto: “You Can’t Catch Me!”

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