Jab, The Boxer, Wants to Meet You!

Hi! I'm Jab!

Owner: Rafael C.

Dog’s Name: Jab

Breed: Boxer

Likes: ice cubes and baseballs

Pet-Peeves: not being fed on time!

Favorite Toy: anything that squeaks

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Favorite Walk: to the mail box

Best Tricks: lay down

Arrival Story: Jab came home at the age of nine weeks to a 22 acre ranch where he met his fellow dogs, “Toby” a German Short Hair Pointer, “Sky” a Cattle Dog, and “Ginger” a retired police dog.

Bio: Jab is excited to meet new people and greet them with his oversized tongue! He loves to chase flies & dig for worms.  After a long walk or training session, Jab loves to lounge around and stay cool.

Fun Fact: Jab has a funny walk! He likes to shake what his momma gave him! :)

Motto: Don’t rattle my cage!

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