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American Bulldog Puppy Training

Name: Cheri Maroffa

Dog’s Name: Darla

City: Temple

Zip: 76502

Breed: American Bulldog

Likes: Treats, toys, walks, car rides

Favorite Toy: Tire, ball with rope

Favorite Treat: Beef t-bone treats

Favorite Walk: Park

Arrival Story: We got her from a breeder in Belton. Darla lives in a country home with cows beside her. She loves to sit and look at them. She is loved my momma and many friends.

Bio: Darla is a 4 month old puppy that is full of energy but eager to learn. She has learned fast and continues to make momma proud.

Motto: “If Momma ain’t happy, I’m not happy”

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Tame That Feisty Bulldog

Name: Kaleb Crummett

Dog’s Name: Biz

City: Kempner

Zip: 76539

Breed: American Bulldog

Likes: Balls and tugs

Pet-Peeves: Strangers and show judges

Favorite Toy: Jollyball

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Best Tricks: Hang time

Arrival Story & Bio: Biz has aggression issues with judges in the show ring and dominance issues with strangers that lead to inappropriate behavior. He is a Jr. Champ American Bulldog from Cold Country American Bulldogs.

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