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Targeting Dog Aggression

Name: Ed and Eve C.

Dog’s Name: Sir Stanley

City: Killeen

Zip: 76549

Breed: Old English Bulldog

Likes: Tug-Of-War

Pet-Peeves: Male dogs and dogs on tv

Favorite Toy: Any tug-of-war toy

Favorite Treat: Chicken Jerky

Favorite Walk: Neighborhood

Best Tricks: Sitting, shake paw, catch ball

Arrival Story: We brought Sir Stanley home when he was seven weeks old. He was a happy puppy.

Bio: Father was a champion bulldog. Very friendly to people when they are likewise friendly. Can be aggressive towards other male dogs. This is our greatest concern and #1 priority for training.

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American Bully Show Dog!

Name: Sharra

Dog’s Name: Mack

City: Killeen

Zip: 76542

Breed: American Bully

Likes: Satin balls, belly rubs, ear scratches

Pet-Peeves: Male dogs

Favorite Toy: Cow bones

Favorite Treat: Satin balls, chicken thighs

Favorite Walk: White Rock Estates

Arrival Story: Mack is the sweetest boy, 102 pound lap dog, but he has a male dog dominance issue. He is a PR Bred show dog and his dominance issues cause problems at the show.

Bio: I’m 102 pounds of love. I love my family humans, cat, and my sisters. I love to win shows because it makes mama happy. I just don’t like other boys.

Motto: For the love of dogs!

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Jackie Haynes & Chow/Sharpei Wrinkles

Name: Jackie Haynes

Dog’s Name: Wrinkles

City: Temple

Zip Code: 76501

Breed: Chow/Sharpei mix

Likes: Toys, barkin bacon

Pet-Peeves: Anybody else having toys

Favorite Toy: Stuffed duck

Favorite Treat: Barin bacon

Arrival Story: We got him from a man that was giving him away at 4 & 1/2 years old. He was all head and mouth.

Bio: He has been a fighter all his life. He loves people and kisses.

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