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Stubborn But Sweet Shepherd Mix

Name: Sabina H.

Dog’s Name: Bree

City: Kempner

Zip: 76539

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Likes: Running and Playing

Pet-Peeves: Doorbell

Favorite Toy: Ball

Favorite Treat: Anything

Favorite Walk: Off leash on a nature trail

Bio: Bree was found at 2 weeks old under a tree with her six siblings. She was bottle fed and at eight weeks old I became her foster mom. I decided to keep her since I fell in love with her!

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Learning to Control Our Dogs and Handle Aggression

Name: Brittney & Marcelo Ribeiro

Dog’s Name: Doyle & Grover

City: Temple

Zip: 76502

Breed: Border Collie/Catahoula

Likes: Going on walks, car rides

Pet-Peeves: Baths

Favorite Toy: Socks

Favorite Treat: Rawhides

Favorite Walk: Anywhere

Best Tricks: Shake

Arrival Story & Bio: Doyle was picked up as a puppy and Grover was rescued from the animal shelter. Doyle is 8 and Grover is 6. They both enjoy playing around with each other.

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Getting Our Rescued Pooch Trained & Confident

Name: Pam & David Marmon

Dog’s Name: Molly

City: Belton

Zip: 76513

Breed: Spaniel, shepherd, heeler, mix

Likes: Almost everything! She seems to say “I love life!’

Pet-Peeves: Strangers-in back yard or walking by or on bikes!

Favorite Toy: Fluffy, squeaky toys

Favorite Treat: Real bones and rawhide chew sticks

Arrival Story: Molly was living in a dirt hole under a trailer. The single mother with 2 girls could not afford to keep her. We couldn’t say no and fell in love at first sight!

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Make Training Fun for You and Your Dog!

Name: James Belviy

Dog’s Name: Princess Lilly

City: Harker Heights

Zip: 76548

Breed: Heeler Mix

Likes: Everything

Favorite Toy: Tennis ball

Favorite Treat: Bill Jacks

Favorite Walk: Loves to walk by water

Best Tricks: Swimming at lake

Arrival Story & Bio: Went to the Killeen animal shelter with my 4 year old and picked Princess Lilly out with her. She is going to fit right in. We have just had her a few weeks and know she is going to be a great dog.

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Learn How to Train!

Name: Ashley & Matt Symens

Dog’s Name: Beetle Bailey

City: Killeen

Zip: 76549

Breed: Black lab/Chow mix

Favorite Toy: Rope

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Best Tricks: Shake-both paws

Arrival Story & Bio: My mommy found me with my auntie Jenny. they brought me home to daddy. I am a 1 year old puppy…fun, energetic, and very sweet.

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Start Training Your Puppy Now! Its Never Too Early!

Name: Taylor Hurt

Dog’s Name: Kci

City: Killeen

Zip: 76542

Breed: Shih-poo

Likes: Tv, baths, exploring the outdoors

Pet-Peeves: Country music, barking dogs, and blowing in my face

Favorite Toy: Textured bones, stuffed animals

Favorite Treat: Anything Blue Buffalo

Favorite Walk: Going to the mailbox

Best Tricks: Starring at mommy with my pretty eyes, “I don’t know what she is talking about half the time!!”

Arrival Story: We wanted a hypo allergenic dog, saw Lincoln on Texas Shipoo Breeders and fell in love with him. He said “Hi Mommy”. I checked for 3 days before I got the nerve to call and inquire.

Bio: Kci is full of love and energy. He is a show stopper wherever he goes!

Motto: “Hey, look what I can do!”

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Gaining Control of Your Canine Companion

Name: Sharon Thurmondhttp:

Dog’s Name: Skipper

City: Waco

Zip: 76706

Breed: Mal-shi

Likes: Treats

Pet-Peeves: Strange dogs

Favorite Toy: Ball

Favorite Treat: Freeze dried liver

Favorite Walk: Park

Arrival Story: I bought him and didn’t know that 6 weeks was too young to take him away from mama. He has always been a shy dog.

Bio: When he was 9 months old, my daughter took him to Germany for 4 years. He hated Germany….too many people and too much noise. She brought him back home in February.

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Giving a Loving Home to a Rescued Dog

Name: Alexandra Grover & Stanley Bailey

Dog’s Name: Natasha/Tasha

City: Killeen

Zip: 76542

Breed: Pit mix

Likes: Running and sleeping in bed with owner

Pet-Peeves: Cats, other animals

Favorite Toy: Tug of war rope

Favorite Treat: Any

Arrival Story: She was rescued from an abusive owner in Austin by my manager who gave her to me because ;he knew I would give her a loving home.

Bio: Tasha was very shy around people (didn’t really know them). She befriended my 2 cats (which one she now terrorizes). She dislikes all other animals. She does get along with some calm dogs.

Motto: “We are gonna get well together”

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Building Confidence in Your Rescue

Name: Rebecca Lopez

Dog’s Name: Caesar

City: Killeen

Zip: 76542

Breed: Pit/mix

Likes: Snuggling and being a part of the family

Pet-Peeves: Touching his back leg

Favorite Toy: Soft squeaky toy

Favorite Treat: Bacon

Best Tricks: Siting before eating

Arrival Story & Bio: Found in back yard by the house cat. He was hungry and injured. Caesar is friendly, quiet, and has two cat friends.

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