How To Train Your Dog To Sniff Out Drugs

These techniques can really be applied to teaching your dog to find any scent you can think of. The key is to teach your dog that by finding an Odor he or she can earn a reward.Click Here for a link to Directions on How to train your dog to sniff out drugs.

What is Scent Logix, and are pseudo drugs as good as the real thing? All these and more can be answered in this video interview between Fred Hassen of Sit Means Sit and David Adibempe from Scent Logix! Do you have a DEA Licence? Scent logix alows K9’s to find a very small ordor (one gram) and very large amounts of the same odor. Scent Logix’s chemically formulated training aid scent kit can simulate 800 pounds of explosives or narcotics. If one trains with only one pound of explosives or one pound of narcotics it becomes difficult for the K9 to be able to detect One thousand pounds of exposives or one thousand pounds of Narcotics. The pseudo narcotics developed by Scent Logix are much more pure than real narcotics or explosives, and of course they are completely safe to train with.

Who is currently using Scent Logix over the real thing? Answer: DEA, Special forces, Navy Seals, Police departments, sheriff departments, fire departments, and private k9 training centers all over the world,

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