Dog Training in Cleveland-Akron, Ohio

Dog Training by Sit Means Sit in Cleveland-Akron, Ohio.

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  1. Mary Jo Roach says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the sit means sit training. I can now take Jack, our 65lbs sheperd/boarder collie mix, on a walk without constantly worrying that he’ll pull me down when he sees another dog. He is so well behaved on the leash that it is a joy to go for walks now. And, Jez doesn’t drive us cazy with her barking at every little thing that passes in front of the house.

    Thanks again,
    Mary Jo Roach

  2. Irene Pettit says:

    Paul your training was very insightful for my puppy and me. We had a lot of fun during the training classes and learned how to handle Cuddles. She is better then she was before and getting used to going potty outside finally. I know she is a puppy and they make mistakes but they are getting fewer and fewer. Thanks again for your patience with me and Cuddles.

  3. Tim Fitzpatrick says:


    We just finished our first lesson. WOW! We have our dog back. Murphy wasn’t that bad but he was going down a bad path until we finished the first lesson this afternoon. I know my wife will be able to command him now and return to us a dog well trained and a great companion.



    PS: I am still shaking my head on how well this all went….Great Job!

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