Sit Means Sit Pit Bull lost his leash!

Here’s an update video of Zeus, our 9 month old Pit Bull client, who’s living with me in our Board and Train program. This video shows his progress over the last 6 days. Sit Means Sit Denver is all about dog obedience training as a path to fun and freedom with your dog. His owners have had a very hard time getting control of this happy, active dog. They love him and want to have a trained dog that they can feel more confident including in their activities. From what he’s learning, they’re going to be very capable of that!

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3 Responses to Sit Means Sit Pit Bull lost his leash!

  1. Hey Jeremy,

    Please call us at 303-422-3647 so we can help with your pit!


  2. jeremy says:

    I have a bad and rambunctious pitbull he pulls me I can never let him off the leash and he barks constantly I really need help what can I do and how do the classes work and how much do they cost please?

  3. Sam says:

    Pits can be very affectionate dogs and wonderful companions when, like any dog, are properly trained. Looks like Zeus is well on his way!

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