He’s a Trickster… He’s a Puppy… He’s a Lab… Meet Loki!

Meet Loki the adorable pointer lab puppy!

Meet Loki the adorable pointer lab puppy!

Loki is lucky to be loved by the wonderful Steve and Lora.

He can be found playing tricks in Thornton, 80241.

He normally goes by his full name Loki Benelli, but you may also him call him Loki Mon.

He’s cute. He’s adorable. You got it; he’s a Pointer Lab.

Loki’s Favorite Things Are: Swimming! Sticks, toys, hunting.

He Does Not Like: Staying Clean (Mud puddles are much more fun).

Loki Can Be Easily Bribed With: Sticks and Bones (easy enough)

His All Time Favorite Toy Is: Random ball he found when we moved into our new house. (It was Destiny)

Loki’s Story: Loki is an 8 month old ball of energy, we have owned him for 4 months now. He is the biggest sweetheart, but we had no control over him and he would make his own rules before we enrolled him at Sit Means Sit. A month and a half later we have noticed a substantial change in his behavior. He still has a way to go, but he is learning quickly and making strides every time we have a class.

His Motto For Life: “Let’s Go!”

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2014 Denver Home Show

Come see us and the dogs!

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Smartest Dog Competition on Colorado’s Everyday show

Click the link and check out the competition for smartest dog on KDVR Fox31. We worked with Chris Parente and Kathie J and had a great time with their dogs!


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German Shepherd Training

This happens a lot: Dog has been through training with a reputable trainer, spent time, energy and money but still have problems! The breeder recommended the German Shepherd expert in Denver, who’s very good, but the SYSTEM is not working for them. This 2 year old German Shepherd has anxiety, protection, aggressive tendencies, they love him but can’t have people over and they’re not living to the fullest. Check out what Kellie said the day after her FIRST lesson…
“First of all I want to tell you that I just got home from the BEST walk with Jeter ever! No dragging, pulling, barking or chasing rabbits through a split rail fence with me on the other end of the leash! He was so focused on me I had a hard time getting him to “go play” and run. He finally went bounding through the snow, although I was freezing my butt off it was so much fun I didnt want to come home. He came right to me with two “come” commands from a distance. I cant tell you how excited I am for Jeters future and all the possibilities with the training from Sit Means Sit.
Thank you Anthony!”

I love it! Way to go Kellie!

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Want an off leash obedient Siberian Husky?

Here’s a great comment from one of our happy husky owners! Thanks Kelie, keep up the great work!

Thank you for you assistance as Breck continually grows and continually provides challenging phases.  These last two years have been great with him and nothing means more to me than running in Colorado with a Husky OFF LEASH that can run congruent with every step I take and never miss a beat.  It is truly amazing and makes me very happy to have a Husky who runs off leash and behaves so well (most of the time).  He is still a puppy at 2, but I am so thankful the days of being dragged across the street, practically breaking my hand on the way to see a squirrel–ARE OVER.  Thanks again!


Let’s see what we can do for YOUR dog! Give us a call!

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One Day of Dog Training!

Here’s a great email from a brand new client that started her 8 month old Belgian Malinois yesterday — What can we do for YOUR dog?

“OMG!!!! Been working on the few commands, sit, heel, break, and had to change the “lets go” to “here boy”. Our lab kept jumping around thinking she was going for a car ride. Took Axel on his morning walk, he was like a whole new dog and it hadn’t even been 24 hours since the training began. It was the first time we were able to walk all three dogs together, (usually Axel goes by himself he would get crazy with the other two around so trying to get out of the neighborhood to the bike trail was insane). His heeling was really good, no pulling no barking no trying to chew and shake the leash. His coming in the field was excellant, then Luna (the lab) saw a rabbit and they both chased it, so I did the “come” command, and it took two “comes” and he ran back. I was amazed and impressed, I told Joel, in six months I couldn’t even imagine what he will be doing. He has been playing frisbee and has noticably become less obsessive, I am so amazed! Can’t wait for the next session!”

Way to go, Teri and Axel!

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Looking for a Downtown Denver Daycare?

This is a fantastic daycare, short and long term boarding and grooming facility – very conveniently located and amazingly decorated for your dog! Check them out, and tell them Sit Means Sit Denver sent you!

Visit www.uluckydogdenver.com

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Does your dog like to swim?

So this summer we participated in the Buffalo Bill Days parade in Golden, CO. We extended an invitation to have clients and their dogs join us – of course to show off their amazing dogs and their training! In spite of being a little anxious, Jennie came along with her dog, Mazie. I told her not to worry, it would be fun and Mazie would do great, then we’d all go swimming to cool off. She said, “oh no, Mazie can’t swim, we can’t ever get her in the water”, to which I jumped at the chance to teach her and give Mazie some new freedom!

I just came across Jennie’s email again, and thought I’d share it. If you’d like you’re dog to swim, call us!

Dear Anthony and Bob,

First of all, thank you both very much for including Mazie and me in the parade today. It was so much fun.  Mazie loved all the attention. She was off-leash for the entire parade! Thanks to the training you have provided, she was able to do so extremely well today.

Thanks, Anthony, for taking the time to get Mazie in the water.  What a beautiful site to see this big white dog in the water and having fun!

I had a wonderful morning and certainly appreciate the t-shirt, but more than that, being asked to participate. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! You guys ROCK!!!

Thank you, Jennie, for sharing in the fun and for the kind words – all we did was show you how, you did all the work to gain the rewards!

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Take your dog to the Farmer’s Market!

Our client, Sue, is well on her way to a newer, happier time with her dog, Molly! Molly completed Sit Means Sit Denver’s one week Board and Train program and has had a huge jump start to the next steps in their lives – including wanting to go to the Farmer’s Market!

Way to go Molly and Sue!

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Sit Means Sit Pit Bull lost his leash!

Here’s an update video of Zeus, our 9 month old Pit Bull client, who’s living with me in our Board and Train program. This video shows his progress over the last 6 days. Sit Means Sit Denver is all about dog obedience training as a path to fun and freedom with your dog. His owners have had a very hard time getting control of this happy, active dog. They love him and want to have a trained dog that they can feel more confident including in their activities. From what he’s learning, they’re going to be very capable of that!

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