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Meet The Once Excitable Shih Tzu Poodle, Oliver, Who Now… Paddleboards?!

Oliver the now polite, paddle boarding Shih Tzu Poodle!

Oliver the now polite, paddle boarding Shih Tzu Poodle!

Oliver is owned by our talented client, Cassandra & Jordan.

He can be found greeting people and paddle boarding in Arvada, 80002.

Oliver has a number of code names including Ollie, Choochie, & Munch. (We aren’t going to give them all away, though!)

Just look at that face! Does he not perfectly represent Shih Tzus and Poodles everywhere?

His Favorite Things: Belly rubs, tug of war, and chasing rabbits!

He Dislikes: Bath time, the vet, and vegetables (what’s this green stuff? yuck!)

If you have any of the following treats, you may just have a friend for life: bully sticks, apples, bananas and chicken.

His Favorite Toys: Mini tennis balls and stuffed animals with squeakers!

A Little Oliver History: Jordan and I adopted Oliver from Foothills Animal Shelter in May of 2012. He picked us just as much as we picked him. It was love at first sight! Ever since then we have been inseparable. Oliver comes to work with us everyday and has now taken on the role of office security. He used to run up to every person that entered the office and bark at them, but since joining Sit Means Sit he now greets people in a friendly non-barking manner. He is also learning to play well with other dogs and not run up to them and bark at them. We have always taken Oliver to do things with us, but now it is even more enjoyable since he is so well behaved.

Oliver’s Motto on Life: “Food?”


Have an adorable and talented dog you want to show off to the world? Fill out the form here and you just may be chosen as our next Doggie Spotlight!


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Does your dog like to swim?

So this summer we participated in the Buffalo Bill Days parade in Golden, CO. We extended an invitation to have clients and their dogs join us – of course to show off their amazing dogs and their training! In spite of being a little anxious, Jennie came along with her dog, Mazie. I told her not to worry, it would be fun and Mazie would do great, then we’d all go swimming to cool off. She said, “oh no, Mazie can’t swim, we can’t ever get her in the water”, to which I jumped at the chance to teach her and give Mazie some new freedom!

I just came across Jennie’s email again, and thought I’d share it. If you’d like you’re dog to swim, call us!

Dear Anthony and Bob,

First of all, thank you both very much for including Mazie and me in the parade today. It was so much fun.  Mazie loved all the attention. She was off-leash for the entire parade! Thanks to the training you have provided, she was able to do so extremely well today.

Thanks, Anthony, for taking the time to get Mazie in the water.  What a beautiful site to see this big white dog in the water and having fun!

I had a wonderful morning and certainly appreciate the t-shirt, but more than that, being asked to participate. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! You guys ROCK!!!

Thank you, Jennie, for sharing in the fun and for the kind words – all we did was show you how, you did all the work to gain the rewards!

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Take your dog to the Farmer’s Market!

Our client, Sue, is well on her way to a newer, happier time with her dog, Molly! Molly completed Sit Means Sit Denver’s one week Board and Train program and has had a huge jump start to the next steps in their lives – including wanting to go to the Farmer’s Market!

Way to go Molly and Sue!

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Does a Sit Means Sit Denver Board and Train work with a Pit Bull?

Our clients recently enrolled their 9 month old Pit Bull in our Board and Train package. Let’s take a look at Zeus’ progress on Day 2!

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Training a Veterinarian and two dogs! Part 3

Here is part 3 of our training with Donna the veterinarian and her two dogs. What a great update and progress – way to go Donna!

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Denver Obedience Training with Veterinarian, Part 2!

After Dr. V explained WHY she thought she needed dog training, we went outside to see the challenging behaviors from her dogs. We did a quick demonstration with our dogs, to show her what to expect, and it gives an opportunity to judging the seriousness of the situation in her dogs. Then we went to work with her dogs…take a look!

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Awesome Dog Directional Training!

Check out our Hawaii friends, Scott Sanchez and Beck, working out on the beach! Using boundaries, in this case the beachfront, is a great way to teach your dog directional work and running straight lines. Useful in hunting and retrieve work, it’s also a lot of fun to troubleshoot and improve our skills as handlers and increase our dogs toolbox of tricks!

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Sit Means Sit Denver Dog Training Testimonial

Anthony, Bob, and Sit Means Sit,

Jenni and I thought it was time to give a little info about our dogs and our experience with you.

We began training with Sit Means Sit in late spring/early summer of 2010.  Our female German Shepherd, Hayden, was two years old at the time.  She was very dog and people aggressive.  She was uncontrollable on walks, and basically too much to deal with when we were outside the comfort of our own house.  Atley was a young six month old German Shepherd pup that was ready to learn, but was he getting influenced by his older sister’s bad habits.  We decided it was time to get Hayden under control and start off on the right foot with Atley.

We met with Anthony for an initial consultation.  At the time, Hayden was determined to eat Anthony and Phaneuf.  Anthony worked with Hayden for all of five minutes and had her totally under control.  WE WERE SOLD!!!  We are coming up on a year of training with Sit Means Sit.  It has totally changed our dogs and how they behave away from home.  There is not a situation that we don’t feel 100% comfortable having them off leash.  Neither show any sign of aggression in any situation now.  They love their new jobs and are eager to work for us.

Thanks for everything,

Chad Lobato

Good Sit Means Sit dogs!

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Olaf, the GREAT Dane

My husband and I started training our 15-month old Great Dane Olaf with the Sit Means Sit collar just a few weeks ago and we couldn’t be more happy. Olaf received training as a puppy through a leash-based program. While we did get results with this program, we didn’t like that Olaf would disobey when off-leash. We had been thinking about using a collar system, and that’s what attracted us to Sit Means Sit. We had private lessons with Anthony initially, which were great. We’ve also started group classes, which are helping Olaf stay attentive around distractions. It only took a few days for my husband and I to get used to the remote and collar…3 weeks later and we are very impressed with the changes we’ve seen in Olaf already. We can walk him off-leash safely (which we never thought we could do, EVER) as he is very curious and will dart off. Even while off-leash, he will stay by us. He seems more calm through the day, and his obedience has greatly improved, which was our primary concern with a baby on the way. In 3 short weeks, we are so thankful to have found Sit Means Sit. Next time, we’ll use them from the start!
Jenna and Chris
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SMS-Training Aggressive Dogs

Anthony, Thank you very much for your skilled instruction and insight
in regards to training Luka.  I was about to consider getting another
dog due to her seemingly unmanageable aggressive tendencies toward
other dogs.
The training we have and continue to receive at, “Sit Means Sit”
has made all the differance.  Luka is now manageable around other
dogs.  In fact she is making progress in this regard every day.

Thanks again, Dirk and Olga

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