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Meet Charlie The Aggressive Fox Hound That Can Now Go To The Park!

He went from aggressive to being social at dog parks. Way to go Charlie!

He went from aggressive to being social at dog parks. Way to go Charlie!


Charlie’s Story: The Adopted Foxhound

I came to Sit Means Sit when my dog Charlie was 1.5 years old. When I adopted Charlie from a shelter at 3 months old, I was convinced he was perfect and that he would be easily trained. However, I quickly learned that I would need more help and guidance to ensure Charlie would become the dog that I not only wanted but needed. I had taken him to other training classes, tried training collars and techniques on the internet, he basically learned to sit, but otherwise his aggression issues toward new people, children and even other dogs wasn’t improving. It became difficult to walk him and even have people over to our home.
Upon meeting Anthony and Bob, I immediately saw Charlie become a different dog. He became easier to walk, easier to control and less of a worry. We have been attending classes now for a year and a half. With each class I see Charlie become better and more amazing. I can actually tell him to go sit on a place and he will stay there when I walk inside! This isn’t to say it was an easy process; it took hours of dedication at home and going to classes. Charlie had a few set backs where his aggression became a problem again. What is amazing about the trainers at Denver’s Sit Means Sit though is that they took the time to answer my phone calls, emails and even came to my home to work privately with Charlie to ensure the problem would be handled and solved correctly and safely. I cannot say this about ANY of the other training programs we tried.
You never expect that training your dog is an emotional experience, but it can be extremely hard to accept that this being that you love like a child may not be perfect.  Anthony, Bob and Jimmy have been a constant support system that I know I can reach out to for any questions or concerns. They are truly a one of a kind team! Charlie is now almost 3 years old and he is able to go to the park, play with other dogs and be polite when we have guests over. His favorite things are anything food related, snuggling under blankets or chasing the ball.
Thank you Anthony, Bob, Jimmy, and Cassy!

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Meet the One They Said Could Not Be Housebroken… and is Now Amazing…Fiona!

Meet the adorable Fiona who will melt at your feet (and into your heart!)

Meet the adorable Fiona who will melt at your feet (and into your heart!)

Fiona is lucky to be loved by the same wonderful family as Presley consisting of Gillie, Tripp, Maggie, and Brynn.

She can be found melting at people’s feet  in Westminster, 80021.

Fiona’s has many aliases including Fi and Fifi.

She proudly represents Retriever Mixes everywhere with her lovable attitude.

Fiona’s Favorite Things Include: Bones and antlers, belly rubs, tug o’ war, fetching, bringing toy offerings to her loved ones

She Dislikes: Not being able to access the family cat or anyone giving anyone else a raspberry.

Her Favorite Treats: Bones and antlers and anything food related.

Her Favorite Toy: All toys. They are all hers!

A Little History: When our other dog, Presley, started to seem lonely, we got Fiona as a Christmas gift for her in 2013.  She was a year and a half old.  Her previous owners said she couldn’t be housebroken or stay in her kennel without barking, but she did both almost right away for us.  She’s a super sweet dog, who’s always eager to please!  She loves coming to group class at SMS because of all the dog and human friends she gets to meet.  Warning:  She has a very low melting point and has been known to melt right off a place board when receiving a belly rub.

Fiona’s Motto For Life: “Am I a good dog?” (We all think so!”)


Have you found success with Sit Means Sit? Do you want to show your awesome dog to the world? Fill out the form here and your dog just may be the next Doggie Spotlight of the week!

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One Day of Dog Training!

Here’s a great email from a brand new client that started her 8 month old Belgian Malinois yesterday — What can we do for YOUR dog?

“OMG!!!! Been working on the few commands, sit, heel, break, and had to change the “lets go” to “here boy”. Our lab kept jumping around thinking she was going for a car ride. Took Axel on his morning walk, he was like a whole new dog and it hadn’t even been 24 hours since the training began. It was the first time we were able to walk all three dogs together, (usually Axel goes by himself he would get crazy with the other two around so trying to get out of the neighborhood to the bike trail was insane). His heeling was really good, no pulling no barking no trying to chew and shake the leash. His coming in the field was excellant, then Luna (the lab) saw a rabbit and they both chased it, so I did the “come” command, and it took two “comes” and he ran back. I was amazed and impressed, I told Joel, in six months I couldn’t even imagine what he will be doing. He has been playing frisbee and has noticably become less obsessive, I am so amazed! Can’t wait for the next session!”

Way to go, Teri and Axel!

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Does your dog like to swim?

So this summer we participated in the Buffalo Bill Days parade in Golden, CO. We extended an invitation to have clients and their dogs join us – of course to show off their amazing dogs and their training! In spite of being a little anxious, Jennie came along with her dog, Mazie. I told her not to worry, it would be fun and Mazie would do great, then we’d all go swimming to cool off. She said, “oh no, Mazie can’t swim, we can’t ever get her in the water”, to which I jumped at the chance to teach her and give Mazie some new freedom!

I just came across Jennie’s email again, and thought I’d share it. If you’d like you’re dog to swim, call us!

Dear Anthony and Bob,

First of all, thank you both very much for including Mazie and me in the parade today. It was so much fun.  Mazie loved all the attention. She was off-leash for the entire parade! Thanks to the training you have provided, she was able to do so extremely well today.

Thanks, Anthony, for taking the time to get Mazie in the water.  What a beautiful site to see this big white dog in the water and having fun!

I had a wonderful morning and certainly appreciate the t-shirt, but more than that, being asked to participate. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! You guys ROCK!!!

Thank you, Jennie, for sharing in the fun and for the kind words – all we did was show you how, you did all the work to gain the rewards!

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Sit Means Sit Pit Bull lost his leash!

Here’s an update video of Zeus, our 9 month old Pit Bull client, who’s living with me in our Board and Train program. This video shows his progress over the last 6 days. Sit Means Sit Denver is all about dog obedience training as a path to fun and freedom with your dog. His owners have had a very hard time getting control of this happy, active dog. They love him and want to have a trained dog that they can feel more confident including in their activities. From what he’s learning, they’re going to be very capable of that!

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