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Sit Means Sit Denver Dog Training Testimonial

Anthony, Bob, and Sit Means Sit,

Jenni and I thought it was time to give a little info about our dogs and our experience with you.

We began training with Sit Means Sit in late spring/early summer of 2010.  Our female German Shepherd, Hayden, was two years old at the time.  She was very dog and people aggressive.  She was uncontrollable on walks, and basically too much to deal with when we were outside the comfort of our own house.  Atley was a young six month old German Shepherd pup that was ready to learn, but was he getting influenced by his older sister’s bad habits.  We decided it was time to get Hayden under control and start off on the right foot with Atley.

We met with Anthony for an initial consultation.  At the time, Hayden was determined to eat Anthony and Phaneuf.  Anthony worked with Hayden for all of five minutes and had her totally under control.  WE WERE SOLD!!!  We are coming up on a year of training with Sit Means Sit.  It has totally changed our dogs and how they behave away from home.  There is not a situation that we don’t feel 100% comfortable having them off leash.  Neither show any sign of aggression in any situation now.  They love their new jobs and are eager to work for us.

Thanks for everything,

Chad Lobato

Good Sit Means Sit dogs!

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Sit Means Sit Performs @ the National Western Stock Show in Denver

We recently had an invitation to come and entertain at the Team Mutton Bustin’ event at the 2010 National Western Stock Show. David Smith of Sit Means Sit Longmont with Jet, and Phaneuf and I had a great time out there – thanks to all of the folks cheering for the dogs with ooohhs and aaahhs! A special thanks also goes to George Ofiesh and his staff for such a warm welcome and assistance with video and performance. We look forward to 2011!

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