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A Doberman Puppy Who Didn’t Know Her Own Strength to a Well Mannered Pooch!

Izzy from super energetic to zen master!

Izzy from super energetic to zen master!

Izzy is owned by the wonderful Marcia.

You find Izzy getting zen and loving life in Broomfield, 80020. 

She is great representation of what Dobermans are all about!

Her Favorite Things Include: Going on walks,hikes, car rides, playing with her toys or other dogs, chewing on sticks, running in the open space.

She Dislikes: Toe Nail Trimmings

Her Favorite Toys: Anything that Squeaks!

Her Favorite Treats: Green Beans! Or anything that tastes good… which may be everything.

Izzy’s History: Izzy is 14 month old Doberman.  We brought her home when she was 12 weeks old.  She was use to playing only with dobermans, so when she found out she had a brother, sister (both Dachshunds) and a cat to play with, she wasn’t sure what to do!  Is loves to play with her brother Pistachio and suck on his ears! Before Sit Meams Sit she would be pretty rough when playing and not listen or mind her commands.  With Sit Means Sit she has learned that Pistachio is not a chew toy, she can go on walks and enjoy them, and that she can be a very well mannered dog.  Sit Means Sit has made a big difference for Izzy.

Her Motto on Life: Let’s have some fun today!  What is it going to be?”


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Meet The Once Person Aggressive But Now Well-Mannered… Boone!

The goofy, adorable rescue dog Boone

The goofy, adorable rescue dog Boone


Boone is owned by his two loving parents, Laura and Kyle.

You can find Boone loving life in Arvada, 80005.

He is fondly nicknamed Mullet because he can both be business and a party!

His breed is unknown with a mixture of possible Lab and Australian Shepherd,  regardless he is all awesome!

His Favorite Things Include: snow, water, squirrels, blankets, rafting, snuggling

He Dislikes: being brushed, UPS guy, being left alone

His Favorite Toy: Anything that Squeaks

His Favorite Treats Include: Greenies

Boone’s History: Boone picked us when he showed up to my work in Arkansas nearly 3 years ago. We can only assume he was dumped by his previous owner, but was a bundle of goofy energy when I first met him. Boone is silly, smart, adventurous, and one of the most affectionate creatures we’ve ever know. He is a joy to be around and is a solid member of our family. Before coming to Sit Means Sit, Boone had become increasingly aggressive towards people that came to our house. We are two weeks into the program and have already seen improvements. He’s listening better and walks are easier and more manageable. We look forward to continuing our training with Sit Means Sit!

Boone’s Motto on Life: “Life is good!”


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Meet Charlie The Aggressive Fox Hound That Can Now Go To The Park!

He went from aggressive to being social at dog parks. Way to go Charlie!

He went from aggressive to being social at dog parks. Way to go Charlie!


Charlie’s Story: The Adopted Foxhound

I came to Sit Means Sit when my dog Charlie was 1.5 years old. When I adopted Charlie from a shelter at 3 months old, I was convinced he was perfect and that he would be easily trained. However, I quickly learned that I would need more help and guidance to ensure Charlie would become the dog that I not only wanted but needed. I had taken him to other training classes, tried training collars and techniques on the internet, he basically learned to sit, but otherwise his aggression issues toward new people, children and even other dogs wasn’t improving. It became difficult to walk him and even have people over to our home.
Upon meeting Anthony and Bob, I immediately saw Charlie become a different dog. He became easier to walk, easier to control and less of a worry. We have been attending classes now for a year and a half. With each class I see Charlie become better and more amazing. I can actually tell him to go sit on a place and he will stay there when I walk inside! This isn’t to say it was an easy process; it took hours of dedication at home and going to classes. Charlie had a few set backs where his aggression became a problem again. What is amazing about the trainers at Denver’s Sit Means Sit though is that they took the time to answer my phone calls, emails and even came to my home to work privately with Charlie to ensure the problem would be handled and solved correctly and safely. I cannot say this about ANY of the other training programs we tried.
You never expect that training your dog is an emotional experience, but it can be extremely hard to accept that this being that you love like a child may not be perfect.  Anthony, Bob and Jimmy have been a constant support system that I know I can reach out to for any questions or concerns. They are truly a one of a kind team! Charlie is now almost 3 years old and he is able to go to the park, play with other dogs and be polite when we have guests over. His favorite things are anything food related, snuggling under blankets or chasing the ball.
Thank you Anthony, Bob, Jimmy, and Cassy!

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Meet the Dachshund that once Hated Children and is now on his Way to Happiness and Respect… Baxter!

Meet Baxter the adorable but sometimes aggressive Dachshund!

Meet Baxter the adorable but sometimes aggressive Dachshund, Baxter!

Baxter is owned by the loving and sweet Chelsea.

You can find Baxter bathing in the sun and enjoying life in Arvada, 80002.

Some call him Baxter, but if you are on friendly terms, feel free to call him Bax.

He proudly represents the adorableness and spunk of Dachshunds everywhere.

Baxter’s Favorite Things Include: Napping in the sun, Paw bender from Good Times, walks in the park, antler bones, and his bed.

He Does Not Like On the Other Hand: The vacuum, theme song to Jaws, squirrels, and the mailman. (Guess he won’t ever be dressed up as a shark for Halloween!)

His Favorite Treats Are: Carrots, apples and ice

His Favorite Toy: Hot Dog squeak toy

Baxter’s Story: Baxter is 3 years and we picked him up 2 years ago from a friend of my Uncle’s who had rescued him from an abusive home and was looking for a permanent home. He is a lovable dog but he has been aggressive as well, especially towards children. We knew it was bad but we didn’t realize how bad until he bit one of the kids that lives next door to us. It was then we knew we had to move forward with proper training for him. We came across Sit Means Sit which has been a blessing for us and for Baxter. After the first session I had a lot of doubts about the collar and was concerned that it may hurt my pup (who I admit is very spoiled), however Cassy and Bob were both there for me and were very patient as they answered ALL of my questions and reassured me that it was not painful for Baxter. I couldn’t believe how right they were. Within one week Baxter had mastered “come” and would even ignore the squirrel he was chasing to respond to my call. He took one bark at the mailman and then turned to me and came and sat by my foot. The second session was even better. We learned “place” and within 15 minutes Baxter was sitting quietly as two other dogs played ball around him. I couldn’t believe he was my dog! It’s only been two weeks and he is already calmer and happier. We have a long ways to go but it’s been great to see this change in such a short amount of time!

Baxter’s Motto on Life: Walk hard, play much, pass out between mom and dad.” (Sounds like the good life!)

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How Sit Means Sit Saved Gizmo’s Life (and His Owners’ Hearts)

I have only been with Sit Means Sit for a short time as their office manager and have already been blown away by the the results I have seen and the lives that have changed. One such case comes from our client Charlotte with her cattle dog, Gizmo. This letter melted our hearts, and we hope others read this and know that they are not alone; there is hope for your dog.

Gizmo, once aggressive cattle dog now gives owners' hope!

Gizmo, once aggressive cattle dog now gives owners’ hope!

Sit Means Sit has, for lack of a better phrase, saved our dog Gizmo. We adopted Gizmo almost a year ago from a cattle dog rescue that had little to no information about his background. All they knew was that he was about 1 year old, came from a high kill shelter and was going to need love, patience and discipline. Both of his former fosters said, “he’ll probably be a good dog one day, I just don’t have the time or energy for him.” Despite these initial warnings that Gizmo would be a handful, my husband and I fell in love with his big ole’ head instantly, and did not care that he was going to need training. Unfortunately, despite constant exercise, reassurances, and challenges to stimulate his mind, Gizmo went from being dog reactive to being over protective of borders and aggressive towards other dogs.

About 5 months after adopting Gizmo, there were 3 separate instances within  a few weeksGizmo2 copy  to a month of each other where Gizmo escaped from the fenced area or leash he was on and physically attacked a dog. In all cases, we were so lucky and fortunate that the owners of the dogs was understanding and did not call the police or have Gizmo taken away from us. During this time, we hired one trainer/company who focused mostly on what they called “positive reinforcement only” training. The trainer was actually involved in the last of the 3 dog attacks and fired herself, because she realized Gizmo was too much for her system of training. At that time, walking Gizmo used to be a challenge on the best of days; he would pull, bark, lunge and at times need “rolled” to calm down. It wasn’t fun, and after the dog attacks, we stopped walking him all together. We were beginning to think we were prisoners in our back yard, unable to take him out.

After meeting with Anthony and learning about Sit Means Sit Denver, we knew instantly that we had found the answer to our problems. Using their training method, we have learned to communicate consistently with Gizmo what our expectations are. We can still use positive re-enforcement, play games, provide Gizmo with exercise, and as a result he is a much happier dog! Now we can walk just about anywhere in our neighborhood, he no longer pays attention to the dogs that are running behind the fences, and walking him is fun again. I used to only walk early morning or late at night to avoid running into too many people. Now, I love to go out for an hour during the middle of the day or early evening; I purposely extend the walk because he is doing so well. We’ve had at least 2 different neighbors stop us to tell us how much better he (and my husband and I) are doing. They say his change is amazing to watch.

Gizmo3 copyOur guess is that Gizmo was never given much opportunity to socialize when he was a young puppy. When we first started going to group classes, Gizmo was as loud as he could be; barking is almost too gentle a word for the amount of vocals he is capable of. He was nervous and excited all at once and didn’t know how to behave around other dogs. After only 2 group classes, he was able to calmly enter the group and greet other dogs appropriately. Now he has even been able to play with other dogs without being aggressive. There are still times when the situation is just a little too much for him, and he shows his nervous/reactive side, but he is consistently showing improvement and ability to control his impulses in this setting.  I am positive that he will continue to show these improvements especially as my husband and I continue to learn the skills we need to communicate our expectations.

Last but not least, I cannot forget to mention our cat Ashley; she is a much happier soul these days too. For the first 6 -8 months of having Gizmo she hid, and darted from room to room lest he see her and give chase. He would growl, chase and in a few instances corner her. Now days, Gizmo understands that his job is to leave the cat alone.  Using the skills and tools provided by Anthony and Sit Means Sit, we’ve shown Gizmo how to control himself around Ashley so that they can live in the same house in harmony.

I cannot thank Anthony, Bob, Jimmy and Cassy enough for the help and support they have provided us.  Without their help, we may have lost our dog,  but now we feel confident and comfortable and look forward to seeing continued growth in his skills and abilities.

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Meet the One They Said Could Not Be Housebroken… and is Now Amazing…Fiona!

Meet the adorable Fiona who will melt at your feet (and into your heart!)

Meet the adorable Fiona who will melt at your feet (and into your heart!)

Fiona is lucky to be loved by the same wonderful family as Presley consisting of Gillie, Tripp, Maggie, and Brynn.

She can be found melting at people’s feet  in Westminster, 80021.

Fiona’s has many aliases including Fi and Fifi.

She proudly represents Retriever Mixes everywhere with her lovable attitude.

Fiona’s Favorite Things Include: Bones and antlers, belly rubs, tug o’ war, fetching, bringing toy offerings to her loved ones

She Dislikes: Not being able to access the family cat or anyone giving anyone else a raspberry.

Her Favorite Treats: Bones and antlers and anything food related.

Her Favorite Toy: All toys. They are all hers!

A Little History: When our other dog, Presley, started to seem lonely, we got Fiona as a Christmas gift for her in 2013.  She was a year and a half old.  Her previous owners said she couldn’t be housebroken or stay in her kennel without barking, but she did both almost right away for us.  She’s a super sweet dog, who’s always eager to please!  She loves coming to group class at SMS because of all the dog and human friends she gets to meet.  Warning:  She has a very low melting point and has been known to melt right off a place board when receiving a belly rub.

Fiona’s Motto For Life: “Am I a good dog?” (We all think so!”)


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Meet The Once Excitable Shih Tzu Poodle, Oliver, Who Now… Paddleboards?!

Oliver the now polite, paddle boarding Shih Tzu Poodle!

Oliver the now polite, paddle boarding Shih Tzu Poodle!

Oliver is owned by our talented client, Cassandra & Jordan.

He can be found greeting people and paddle boarding in Arvada, 80002.

Oliver has a number of code names including Ollie, Choochie, & Munch. (We aren’t going to give them all away, though!)

Just look at that face! Does he not perfectly represent Shih Tzus and Poodles everywhere?

His Favorite Things: Belly rubs, tug of war, and chasing rabbits!

He Dislikes: Bath time, the vet, and vegetables (what’s this green stuff? yuck!)

If you have any of the following treats, you may just have a friend for life: bully sticks, apples, bananas and chicken.

His Favorite Toys: Mini tennis balls and stuffed animals with squeakers!

A Little Oliver History: Jordan and I adopted Oliver from Foothills Animal Shelter in May of 2012. He picked us just as much as we picked him. It was love at first sight! Ever since then we have been inseparable. Oliver comes to work with us everyday and has now taken on the role of office security. He used to run up to every person that entered the office and bark at them, but since joining Sit Means Sit he now greets people in a friendly non-barking manner. He is also learning to play well with other dogs and not run up to them and bark at them. We have always taken Oliver to do things with us, but now it is even more enjoyable since he is so well behaved.

Oliver’s Motto on Life: “Food?”


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Doggie Spotlight: Meet the Handsome Great Dane, Scooby

Big in size, gentle in spirit, the Great Dane, Scooby!

Big in size, gentle in spirit, the Great Dane, Scooby!


Scooby Doo is owned by our client, Colleen.

You can find him solving crime and staying handsome in Westminster, 80234.

His other aliases include Scoobs or Scooby D.

If you couldn’t tell by his grand size, he is a proud member of the Great Dane breed.

His Favorite Things Are: walks, car rides, people, and his cat brother, Scrappy Doo

He Dislikes: vegetables and small dogs who walk under him

Favorite Treats: hot dogs, busy bones, steak,  & chicken

Favorite Toys: remotes, phones, magazines, & sticks

A Little Bit About Scooby: We got him from Great Dane Rescue two years ago.  Scoobs is very puppy like and stubborn.  Although he knew his basic commands, rabbits, other dogs and people made him ignore most of them and it was a tug of war to get him to listen and not jump on people.

Now, he is like a new dog.  Within one minute of working with Anthony, he was listening and paying attention and not distracted by all of the other dogs.  It was like a miracle had happened and the best part is that he ignores rabbits and other dogs on walks and I don’t end up face down on the ground looking like a rodeo clown.  Or, at Urgent Care getting a shoulder X-Ray like in the past when a rabbit crossed his path.  I know it sounds crazy, but he seems happier too!!

Scooby’s Motto for Life: “i am a person and i am special”


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Doggie Spotlight: Meet Dude the Boxer!

Meet the Energetic, Dude!

Meet the Energetic, Dude!

Dude is owned by our client, Frank.

He can be found having fun in Westminster, 80031.

Dude also goes under the code name Baba-Doo.

He wonderfully represents Boxers everywhere.

His Favorite Activities: Playing in the water, tug-o-war, swimming & being cute.

He Dislikes: The vacuum & not sleeping in the bed.

Favorite Toy: The Rope Toy

Favorite Treats: Anything food related!

Biography: Dude joined our family at the age of 5 weeks, back in January 2013.  He’s a friendly, fun, and highly energetic dog who loves to play.  Dude started attending SMS in early 2014 and has shown great improvement in his listening skills, and is slowly starting to make other doggie friends at training class.

Motto for Life: Is it Rope Time?!

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Doggie Spotlight: Meet Cali!

Meet The Wonderful, Cali

Cali is owned by our client, Katie.

She can be found chilling in Thornton, 80241.

Cali sometimes goes under the code name Butthead.

She does well representing Lab Mixes everywhere.

Her Favorite Activities: Swimming, Four-wheeling, Camping and being Katie’s Right-Hand Girl.

She Dislikes: Being away from Katie

Favorite Toys: Soccer and Tennis Balls

Favorite Treats: Salmon Jerky & Chicken

Biography: I got Cali in May 2010 at 8 weeks old.  She has been by my side since.  She has been trained to be a service dog for me since I have mobility issues.  She can fetch my keys, and pick up dropped items saving me from having to bend over and pick them up.  She rarely leaves my side and is my buddy.  We used Sit Means Sit to train Cali to perform these tasks for me and couldn’t recommend a better training program.  We looked into several, but couldn’t be happier with Anthony and Sit Means Sit.

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