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Serving: Frederick & Rockville-Potomac, Maryland and the surrounding area including Clover Hill, Ballenger Creek, New Market, Monrovia, Mount Airy, Green Valley, Ijamsville, Buckeyestown, Adamstown, Urbana, Damascus, Boyds, Clarksburg, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Glen Echo, Cabin John and the surrounding areas.

We are proud to be the Frederick & Rockville-Potomac, Maryland (and surrounding areas) representative of Sit Means Sit, the largest and most successful U.S. based dog training company in the history of the United States.  Call (or email) today for your free in-home demonstration at (301) 667-0066.

We offer IN-HOME TRAINING, private lessons, group classes, board and train programs, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) preparation and evaluation, agility basics, and more!


Bossy dog?  Scared dog?  Overly excited dog?  Submissive dog?

Any Dog, Any Age, Any Problem!

We have a solution for you.

Does your dog….

  • COME when called?
  • WALK with you without pulling on the leash?
  • SIT on command?
  • LAY DOWN on command?
  • Stay in one PLACE on command?
  • Go POTTY outside like he is supposed to?
  • WAIT at the door rather than bolting out?
  • QUIET on command rather than BARKING at your house guests?
  • Stay OFF the furniture at your request?
  • Travel NICELY in the car?

Or maybe your dog….

  • CHEWS anything in sight?
  • DIGS in your yard?
  • EATS POOP? (my personal least favorite)
  • JUMPS UP on people?
  • MOUNTS other dogs or people?
  • Excessively LICKS?
  • Show any signs of AGGRESSION?
  • Have any OTHER behavioral issues?


Sit Means Sit Frederick’s mission is to provide you with training that will create a happy, confident, and obedient dog that is capable of paying attention under the most distracting environments.  And with that comes a happy, confident, and satisfied owner!  Whether your dog is a family pet who you want to snuggle up with and enjoy, or you are passionate about training and want to take your dog’s obedience to the next level, we can create this for you.

We emphasize the importance of off-leash obedience because it does not matter WHAT your dog can do if he cannot come back to you!  Being able to enjoy your dog safely and confidently allows you as a pet owner to give your dog more freedom and enjoy him or her significantly more on a daily basis.  Our goal through training is for you to have a dog who can go MANY places with you without you having to worry about his behavior.  This is the best part of having a dog!

Talk is cheap, though, so call us today for your free in-home demonstration at (301)667-0066.  Let us show you how the Sit Means Sit system can work for you and your dog.  We also specialize in working with deaf and blind dogs; let us help you communicate successfully with them!

Kari Greenway is the head trainer and franchise co-owner of Sit Means Sit Frederick along with Gary Pigott.  Training was originally a passion for Kari because she saw how shelter dogs’ lives could be saved through basic obedience and learning to behave properly in a home environment.   Kari specializes in teaching formal obedience training under high distractions, as well as off-leash training and reliability, and proper house manners.  She also works on skills including agility, fly ball, dock diving, ground scent tracking, personal protection, and trick training.  Being a part of Sit Means Sit has enabled her to expand her knowledge of dog training and behavior and join a creative group of dog trainers who are truly revolutionizing the world of dog training.  She is a certified CGC Evaluator through the American Kennel Club.


Call us (or email us) today to set up a FREE in-home training demonstration and consultation.

(301) 667-0066

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