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Jr Trainer proofs off leash control with an 8 month old Malinois puppy

Junior Sit Means Sit Hawaii dog trainer Celia, proofs a clients 8 month old Malinois for off leash control. Our Jump Start programs offer an immersive learning arena that is personally tailored to suit your real world needs with your dog.

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German Shepherd Puppy training day # 3 all raw footage

German Shepherd Puppy training day # 3 Off leash using treats and Sit Means Sit collar all raw footage

This will be the beginning of a series of clips as we follow this young puppy through it’s training. We hope you enjoy the progress as much as we enjoy working with puppies. Feel free to email us or call with questions about training your puppy

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Heel to Front Learning Progressions

We all enjoy off leash fun with our dogs and sometimes it’s exciting to add a little spice to even the most basic skills. This clip demonstrates how we are always looking for creative ways to help our dogs learn a new skill. A pillar for this principle, is found in using our resources in creating boundaries to ensure the highest probability of a successful outcome as quickly as possible. Here you will see how we use cargo boxes and the tops, to help ensure a defined area is set to perform the skills of a “Heel” and “Front.”

Naturally we begin with a leash as a simple guide and we quickly remove the leash and make the progressions seen here in the video. Our Sit Means Sit teaching language is clearly demonstrated in this clip. As the old saying goes “it’s not the plane it’s the pilot” The same holds true with Sit Means Sit and that is why we teach you how to pursue the potential of your dog with our one on one training classes.


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