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Fred Hassen’s Sit Means Sit Franchise dog training school has been providing professional dog training services in Las Vegas Nevada, nationwide, and internationally for many years. Sit Means Sit Dog Training is Las Vegas’ most successful remote dog collar training business in the 31-year history of electronic collar dog obedience training. With the advance of technology over the years Fred Hassen, a Las Vegas, Nevada dog trainer, has recognized the tremendous advantage that a professionally trained remote collar trainer has over other dog trainers using any other method.

All of our staff at Sit Means Sit, a Las Vegas dog obedience training school, play an integral part in teaching pet owners to have a happy, well-trained, enthusiastic dog, under all sorts of dog training distractions. Sit Means Sit provides unlimited dog training, dog obedience, and dog behavior packages, to help owners to give their dogs the freedom that a well trained dog can enjoy. Whether it is one-on-one dog training, dog training classes, problem dog training, aggressive dog training, puppy training, or just learning to bring your dog’s capabilities to their highest level, Sit Means Sit can get the job done.

Fred Hassen’s Sit Means Sit Las Vegas dog training has been featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper’s Living section, as well as being featured in numerous local Las Vegas interviews with Fox 5 for Las Vegas dog behavior training. You can find Sit Means Sit in the media on ESPN, Outdoor Channel and Animal Planet showcasing their dogs and the incredible “focus to the task at hand” the training provides. Sit Means Sit dog training in Las Vegas, is also the training center for the various Sit Means Sit dog training locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training in Las Vegas provides a free demonstration for you and your dog, before any decision is made. Please view the dog training video section of our website, to get a visual picture of Sit Means Sit dog training, and what it can potentially do for you. Sit Means Sit Dog Training Las Vegas, has the solutions for all of your dog training needs. Our Las Vegas Nevada location is also a major training hub for the development of Sit Means Sit locations throughout the country and abroad

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Sit Means Sit Dog Training in Las Vegas

Hi there Fred,

I just started your program with my 4 month old German Sheppard.. We had our first lesson on Thursday with Bobby, and already my dog is showing great improvement, in all of his problem areas. I did alot of research before buying a dog and one of my biggest concerns was where to get him trained. I’ve read alot of reviews and spoke with alot people. Your Name and program always came first.. I’m currently wotking with Metro right now and even had the K-9 guys telling me to look into your program. K-9 is my future goal and I believe the training I will get from your program will help me get there. Overall I just wanted to say thanks, keep up the great work and I hope to see you at some of our future lessons..

Thanks again,

I became a client of Sit Means Sit after adopting a 1 year old male german shepherd named CJ from a local animal shelter. I am an avid hiker and had recently coauthored the book Best Hikes with Dogs – Las Vegas and Beyond. One thing I felt was missing from traditional training methods was solid off-leash control and sometimes while hiking in remote areas I like to let my dog off leash. When I saw the demonstration from Sit Means Sit, I was immediately struck by the level of control the handler had off leash.
Now that CJ has been a Sit Means Sit dog for 2 years, I realize that the off leash control is more than just about hiking with my dog, it is a safety measure. Recently at the dog park two dogs started an altercation and while other dogs ran towards the commotion, I quietly got CJ off to the side next to me. I am able to take him to everywhere and around many other dogs and situations because I have complete control.
One of my favorite aspects of Sit Means Sit is the way the classes are designed. Years ago I had done traditional dog classes that met a certain number of classes and if you missed a class or if you needed more help – too bad. With Sit Means Sit we can go when it is convenient and if life gets busy, no problem, we can take a break and come back at a later date.
For CJ the e-collar is a treat or reward. When I get it out he jumps up and down and begs to have me put it on because he knows we are going to go do something fun like go for a run or go to the park.
Recently a friend of mine told me that I have the best behaved dogs of anyone she knows – what a complement! Thanks Sit Means Sit for helping me take the dog from the shelter that was going to be euthanized and making him a top-notched pet and part of our family!

Paula Garrett

Corporate Address:
2900 East Patrick Lane, Suite 2A
Las Vegas, NV 89120

By Telephone:
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Toll Free: (866) Sit-M-Sit [748-6748]