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Crosby – 9 month old Chocolate Lab

Crosby photo IMG_3398-2_zps98yrnarn.jpg

My boyfriend and I got Crosby (our now 9 month old chocolate lab) from a rescue shelter at 4 months old. Since he knew nothing when we brought him home we attended basic obedience group classes at the local pet store but I noticed the results to be inconsistent with him. Sometimes Crosby would listen to us but if he had something else on his agenda then good luck giving him a command he would respond to. I was introduced to ecollar training from a friend of mine and once I saw how obedient and responsive her dogs were I knew I wanted to find a trainer that believed in this method and could show me how to properly train with it.

Crosby was having multiple issues before we found Brent and Sit Means Sit. He would jump up on people, dig holes in the backyard, chase our chickens around the farm, and his recall was non-existent. If he did come when called he would come towards me a few steps then just take off again making it a game of chase between us ( I did not enjoy this game as much as Crosby seemed to). Walking was a whole other story that would consist of constant leash pulling and running eagerly towards other dogs in passing. The only way I could walk him was with a halti, which he hated more than anything and would try to escape from.

Within minutes of our first free introduction session Brent had Crosby heeling beside him (no halti I might add) and I was hooked at that point. Brent was so calm supportive and professional with each session we had. He always showed up early to our training and made sure that any issues or questions I had were addressed immediately.

I cannot believe how fast the results were with Crosby. In a matter of weeks he went from an out of control pup to the dog I wanted him to be. One of the coolest things is now being able to go on walks with Crosby and have strangers compliment on how well behaved and trained he is. They don’t understand how he can hold a sit from a distant and not take off or be placed on a picnic table and just happily hang out there while they pass by.

I really can’t say enough about Brent and the Sit Means Sit program; it has changed our lives for the better.

Thank you Brent!
Looking forward to your group distraction classes in the future.

– Marlow & Crosby

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London Dog Training – Client Testimonial

“We saw, we called and we had training sessions!! We now have a puppy that we can live with!!! Before we found Brent – Barley was a handful plus some!! We tried to get tough with Barley’s training but the tougher we got with Barley – the tougher and harder Barley came back at us. We saw a huge difference in Barley after the first private session in our own home!! We can not thank Brent enough! We would highly recommend Sit Means Sit to everyone.” – Deb & Pat, London ON

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German Shepherd Puppy Training

Sit means Sit! What an awesome idea. That was my very first thought as I found Brent on the internet. I was searching for a really good dog trainer as I just bought an 8 week old German Shepherd puppy. I was looking for a trainer that met all my requirements. He needed to be Calm, Gentle, Assertive, Confident and have a lot of knowledge on different breeds. I have a very bad leg and also needed someone who could work around that. Meeting Brent was fantastic because I knew just after a few moments that I found my trainer. Brent has taught Zeus and myself the basic commands for a puppy. Zeus can sit, place, come, fetch and “off”. His heel is coming along very nicely, about 75% of the time. Which I think is great because Zeus is just 4 months old now.
Everywhere we go I get comments on how well behaved he is and how friendly he is. I am always asked how I get such a young dog to behave so well His manners are excellent! My response is SIT MEANS SIT- you should try it out. Zeus is still learning and will be going to classes now and I am sure we are going to do great. With Brent teaching us Zeus will grow into a very well trained German Shepherd. A dog anyone would be proud to own.

Thank you Brent, we are looking forward to the group classes this September.


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London Dog Training – Client Testimonial

Brent Mcleod is a phenomenal dog trainer. My 6 month old husky loved working with him. Brent’s understanding of dog’s came shining through with every lesson. Brent always arrived at my home on time and worked with me in a friendly and professional manner. I especially appreciate Brent listening to all my concern’s & question’s regarding my dog . He gave me very helpful advice and a better understanding of my dog.

Thank-you Brent for the great one on one sessions & I am looking forward to the group sessions.

 photo 2012BJudyAdkinampKaiser2012B_crop_1353894664416_s_zps9d3743bf.jpg

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Client testimonial – Sam

We got Sam as a one year old rescue cocker-spaniel. He was from Quebec, so we weren’t even sure if he understood English commands. If he did understand he “understood” at his convenience. Sam had us trained quickly. We recognized that we needed help to gain some control over this highly energetic pooch. We joined a neighbourhood dog training club which was held weekly at a local church. Sam was highly vocal and aggressive towards other dogs. Even when he was peaceful he always managed to disrupt the class.


A friend of ours told us about “Sit means Sit”. Discouraged with the results of so-called professional trainers, we thought we had nothing to lose by trying once again. The first session with “Sit means Sit” took place in our home with Brent McLeod. The visit was highly professional without even a hint of sales pressure. We quickly felt confident in Brent when we witnessed how well-trained his two dogs were. As he worked with Sam, the clouds opened and the sun shone for the first time as Sam seemed to be learning from his new trainer. The electronic collar and Brent’s input on how to use it effectively turned our loveable pooch around.

It has been close to six months since the training first started. Brent willingly has answered many phone calls and e-mails as we experienced hitches along the way. His calm and assuring attitude was a big help in keeping us on track. Today, as one of our friends said, “is this the same dog I saw a few months ago?”

We continue to take part in Brent’s weekly group classes. Sam’s aggression towards other animals is almost non-existent. He responds instantly to “come”, “stay”, “off” and “wait” commands. “Place” is a work in progress because Sam’s love for people makes it difficult for him to stay in one place for any length of time.

All in all, Brent has transformed this highly excited, unruly pet into a very obedient and adorable member of the family.

Wishing you continued success in your good work.

Kathy and Dick

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London Dog Obedience Training – Testimonial

PhotobucketDenver had issues with being around other dogs as he grew out of puppyhood.  He became aggressive towards dogs, mostly on leash.  He would lunge, growl and bark deeply at any dog that we came across.  We became nervous just going for a short walk around the block and would always be on guard if there was a dog near.  We slowly stopped going for visits to pet stores, beach trips, dog parks and any other area we knew dogs would be.  We would actually cross the road if we saw another dog coming our way.  We finally decided to give Brent at Sit Means Sit a call and he came over for a free demo.  We couldn’t believe how well behaved his dogs were! While he was here he showed us the e-collar that Sit Means Sit uses and he tested it out on Denver.  It amazed us that just after a few minutes of walking up and down the sidewalk Brent was able to have Denver walking right by his side and paying full attention to him.  We signed up and could not be happier with the results.  We were very impressed by Brent’s knowledge of dog training and his training techniques.  We loved how the package came with one on one lessons so we were not in a big group right away so we had lots of instruction.  We are now able to have control of Denver’s attention when any distraction comes along…including dogs! By focusing his attention on us he is able to ignore other dogs and we have no more barking, lunging and growling at others. We are now taking him all the places we want too and have no fear of another dog coming along…we actually go looking for other dogs!  We are so much more relaxed, he is visibly happier and we are enjoying all the activities we can do with him.  We feel like we have gained back all control! We never thought we would have such a obedient dog and are looking forward to having him meet his full potential! We wish we joined sooner.

Thanks Brent!

Jennifer, Chris and Denver

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London Dog Obediance Training – Dog Spotlight


Name: Jennifer and Chris 
Dogs Name/Nickname: Denver / Denny, Doo Dee                                            City: London, ON
Breed: Rottweiler                                                                                  Likes: Sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed, walks, food, having guests over.
Pet-Peeves: Joggers, people walking by our house!
Favourite Toy: Tuff toys…or anything that will last longer than 5 minutes.                                                                                                 Favourite Treat: Raw meat bones from butcher, apple cores and fish oil pills.
Favourite Walk:  Walking on the Bruce trail, at the tree farm and by the beach.
Best Tricks: High five.
Arrival Story: We went to look at the litter at 5 weeks, a huge litter of 10 puppies.  He was the first one to come up to us and was a big suck!  A couple weeks later we were able to pick him up and bring him home.

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