Know the tools

In the episode “KNOW THE TOOLS” on America Now, I introduced you to a few great tools to use in training your dog – specialized collars and leashes, including harnesses and gentle leaders. Now, I’m only able to touch the surface, there is a right and wrong way to any tool. I recommend you seek professional help to aid you in deciding what tool is right for you and your dog.  When seeking advice make sure they are an expert with the tool they are advising you to use, you wouldn’t go to a foot doctor for a head ache. Unfortunately, there are no magic wands when it comes to training your dog, there will be a great deal of problem solving. As you are trying to figure out how to get control of your dog, they are trying to figure out how to control of you. Your tool is only an aid in assisting you to get or keep your dog’s attention so you can teach him how you would like for him/her to behave. It will take a good one hundred repetitions with your dog before they have mastered the task you are attempting to teach. Have fun with your pup, you’re going to make mistake’s…’s OK! The great thing about dogs is, THEY DON’T HOLD GRUDGES! Take a step back, see what you are doing wrong and adjust accordingly.

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