YOU will Learn From the Top Vet Recommended Expert Trainers How to Have Control Of Your Dog and Get Actual Solutions That Fit Your Lifestyle!

We can help with Any Dog, Any Age, Any Challenge!

At Sit Means Sit Dog Training we make no excuses. We personally instruct you and your entire family (to include the furry ones) how to communicate effectively with your dog.

Finally! A Training System Made to Get Results, Keep My Dog’s Personality, Train In-Home AND Fit In My Busy Day! 

At no point do we EVER want to sacrifice your dog’s personality just to get results. We are structured to get you the off leash control you desire around any distraction and ENHANCE your dog’s personality in doing so. This system is about building a real relationship of balance – not control through intimidation!

What’s the Difference Between Sit Means Sit and Every Other Trainer Out There?

With today’s access to information, it is extremely hard to determine the real deal from the fakes out there. Some people read a book about putting a treat above a dog’s nose and declare themselves a world class dog trainer.

At Sit Means Sit, both myself and my trainers have been through extensive training in off leash obedience, puppy education and socialization, as well as the leading techniques in behavior modification. We stay ahead of the masses with yearly training with some of the best trainers from all over that nation in their fields. When you are working with Sit Means Sit, you can be assured you have THE best and most professional training staff available.

While there are many other reasons Sit Means Sit stands out among the rest, the most common is this -

We PERSONALLY instruct you how to take training and apply it to any and every situation you will come across – both in and out of your home!

Most people know how to follow the training in class when the trainer is there, but everyone seems to have the problems as soon as the trainer leaves. Why is that? Mostly because you were never instructed how to continue and apply the training to every day situations. THIS is what sets us apart from the rest!

Our Personal Guarantee To You

Because we are experts at what we do, we offer you a “Performance Guarantee” on all of our training programs. Why? Simple. This is all about your peace of mind that you will get the results you signed up for.

“OK, I Love This! How Does All This Work?”

So you’ve come to the conclusion that this is for you and you want a trainer this going to help you achieve a lifestyle with your family and your dog. What’s next?

On the side of the page, we have a contact form for you. Simply fill it out and our office will contact you as soon as humanly possible to schedule a free consultation. This is going to give you the opportunity to speak with one of our expert trainers and get all your questions answered.

We have this consultation because we NEED to learn about you AND your family in order to make the correct custom program for you to be successful. If we would simply just plug you in to something, you will more likely than fail causing you to be mad at us – NO ONE wants that.

If we are a good fit for you, your family and this is a plausible solution, we will custom build that solution for you.

So, Fill Out the Form TODAY and Let’s Meet for a Free Consultation So We Can Show You A Program To Finally Make Sense and Fit Your Needs At The Same Time! 

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We have served/will serve clients in these areas  South East Wisconsin to include Bayside, Bayview, Brookfield, Burlington, Cedarburg, Colgate, East Troy, Foxpoint, Franklin, Germantown, Glendale, Grafton, Greenfield, Hartford,  Hubertus, Jackson, Kewauskum, Lannon, Menomonee Falls, Mequon, Milwaukee, Mukwonago, New Berlin, Oak Creek, Richfield, River Hills, Slinger,  Shorewood, Wauwatosa, West Bend, and Whitefish Bay