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Counties of Forsyth, Dawson, Hall and Cherokee. and the following cities: Cumming, Canton, Woodstock, Hollysprings, Gainesville, Suwanee, Buford, and Ballground. Request information from our North Metro dog training location.

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North Metro Dog Training Blog

Alex Tutterrow’s North Metro dog training blog. Alex shares his personal dog training experiences and offer up-to-date dog training and dog obedience information for North Metro Atlanta Georgia to include the cities of Cumming, Canton, Suwanee, Woodstock, Hollysprings, and Gainesville.

North Metro Dog Training

The Sit Means Sit dog training method combines a remote dog training collar and traditional obedience commands to bring about the results that you want. The collar is gentle but effective. We know that owners want their pet to be safe, happy and obedient so that they can enjoy all the best that life has to offer. If your dog exhibits bad habits or challenging behaviors like jumping, barking, chewing, soiling in the house, pulling on the leash, running away or aggression, we can help. Our North Metro Georgia dog obedience school has helped families put the ‘best’ back in man’s best friend.

We evaluate your dog and provide an obedience training program that encompasses all of those behavior problems – and more! During our immersion programs and in our one-on-one lessons, we give you the tools you need to train your dog. We train your dog to focus on you and to ignore distractions. It is the ability to focus the dog’s attention on you that really sets this training method apart from any other. The Sit Means Sit method is results-based dog training and will provide you with a well-mannered and happy pet that can enjoy the company of family and friends no matter where you travel.

A dog that focuses on you will not only obey your commands more readily, but will be a much happier dog. We do not just train the dog; we educate you on how to guide the dog through the problems of daily life. Like our motto says: We train for the real world. We know that every day distractions like children playing, a squirrel, cat or another dog, the mail carrier or a stranger approaching can cause unwanted and unpredictable behavior in your dog. But with the remote dog training collar and our training, you will never have to worry about those distractions again. Once you and your dog learn to communicate effectively there are no limitations to what you can achieve.

Imagine taking your dog to your children’s soccer games and having him lay calmly by your side, or having a dinner party without having to worry about your dog bothering the guests because he is napping comfortably in his “place”. You will be amazed at how a well a happy and well-trained dog can be integrated into your lifestyle and become a real part of the family. This North Metro Atlanta dog obedience training school will tackle any problem, any breed, and bring results.

Try our dog and obedience training in Georgia- serving Forsyth, Dawson, Hall and Cherokee counties. You won’t regret it! Give us a call to set up your FREE introductory demo. At Sit Means Sit we know your life is busy. We will sit down and customize a training schedule that works for you. We offer exclusive immersion programs as well as private training and  group classes. Just think how much fun it will be to walk along with a well-trained dog. Call or e-mail Sit Means Sit North Metro today!

If you’ve been looking for a dog trainer in North Metro Atlanta, look no further than Alex Tutterrow! Alex Tutterrow owner of Sit Means Sit Dog Training of North Metro Atlanta. Alex holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, is a graduate of the “Sit Means Sit” school for remote collar training, and Alex is a AKC certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Our staff also includes Matt Weikum, head trainer.  Matt is a Georgia native with over 8 years of training experience.  His career began with one of the largest working dog kennels in the south east.  Matt trained hundreds of police dogs in both obedience and odor recognition.  Matt Weikum was also an instructor for the police hander course.


Regardless of your dogs issues or temperament, Sit Means Sit North Metro has a solution for you!

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