In Home Dog Training North Pinellas!

All Dogs – All Ages – All Problems

Sit Means Sit offers in home dog training throughout North Pinellas and surrounding areas! By combining our Industry Leading Results with our reliable customer service, you will achieve maximum control of your dog both on and off the leash, while still allowing your pet to “Act Like a Dog”   Schedule a FREE in home consultation before beginning your journey.


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  What Do You Want Your Dog To Do?

  • COME on command
  • WALK without pulling the leash
  • STOP going POTTY in the house
  • STOP AGGRESSIVE behavior
  • WAIT (no more bolting)
  • STAY within boundaries
  • QUIET on command
  • Stay OFF the furniture
  • STOP chewing
  • STOP digging
  • STOP jumping
  • STOP play biting
  • STOP nuisance barking
  • STOP mounting
  • STOP excessive licking
  • OTHER behavioral problems


Every dog is capable of listening. We give you control of your pets so you can lead the lifestyle you have always wanted to!

We Can Help! But don’t take our word for it. TALK is CHEAP! Let us show you the Magic!!

We have a new dog training video every single day!