Dog Friendly Banks (407-900-PAWS)

Taking your dog to the bank is not only a highlight to the bank tellers day but it can also serve as an awesome exercise for you to work with your dog in an unfamiliar, public place. Most banks allow their account holders to bring along their furry, 4 legged friends in with them when making deposits. This is a great opportunity to work your dog with a few distractions around. Yesterday Kilo and I went to our bank and headed in. We were offered a treat at the teller window so Kilo did “SPREAD’EM’ on the counter to get his biscuit. Its always good to make the dogs work for their rewards. A few bank employees were amazed at just the calmness Kilo had inside the bank while I was filling out the deposit slips. Here is Kilo practicing the “PLACE” command right outside our banks front door.

This is what its is all about here at Sit Means Sit Orlando Dog Training. We enjoy getting out in the public’s eye and bringing our dogs along. We offer an array of different Dog Training Packages to cater to different lifestyles so you to can enjoy being a perk in your bank teller’s day. Your dog will very much enjoy being out with you as well.

Call 407-900-PAWS for a Free Introductory Dog Training Lesson and Demonstration to see how we can help make this happen.

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