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Thanks for training Lacey’s family

Testimonial – Lacey

Bob, I would like to thank you for training my family in helping them
understand me better. By teaching them the proper way to talk to me and
redirect my loving enthusiasm in fun and happy way, it has made our lives so
much more enjoyable. Because I am still a puppy, I get scared, nervous, and
sometimes, I do not know what I want, but the skills, techniques and bond
forged by your training helps us get through it without the yelling and
frustration. My daily walks with Mommy are a pleasure for both of us and
learning my “Place” when friends visit makes them happy to see me. Again,
thank you for your gentle patience and calm demeanor.


Tell Kacey I miss our play time together.

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Testimonial- Dragon

Hello Bob!
Remember me I am Dragon’s mommy :) Just got your newsletter and wanted to drop a
quick line to say hi! Dragon is amazing (largely because of you). I have been
meaning to send you a video of him. We have moved so he has a bigger space and a
yard :) We adopted our foster baby and her sister so we are now a family of 4 girls

As for our star- everyday he astonishes me with what he picks up- even with out the
collar he is incredibly responsive to me. He has mastered some more tricks and
commands some of which he will do by hand signal or voice which I thought was
cool. We had a boy over the house who is scared of dogs and my 5 year old(he is her
friend) took Dragon to him and showed him all his “tricks” on her own and told him
to do it- and he did everything. His mom told me all he talks about is the cool
pink dog that does tricks for him. The pink part was that they play with side walk
chalk and for some reason he loves to roll in it so that day he was the color pink
:) My 5 and 6 year old have great control with him- my 2 year would but I dont
think he understands a word she is saying to him :)

Hands down Dragon is the BEST dog ever!!! And we thank you for that!!
I hope all is well and that your business is well! Feel free to keep in touch!

Stacy B

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Testimonial- Deliah


Deliah did great today! When my friend came over, she did really well. No
pulling…she really listened and my friend was able to approach her without any
problem. I was thrilled! Also, I did exactly what you said when she was about to go
into her witching hour…I clicked on her leash and we went out and walked and did
some training.We came back into the house and worked a bit more. She then went right
to her place afterwards and let me continue with my work! I am going to Simmons
tomorrow to take a tour and give them Deliah’s vaccinations papers. I’ll touch base
with you tomorrow once I have confirmed her boarding there. …Thank you again.
I feel so confident with you as our trainer!


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Testimonial- Crush

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Bob and Eileen Burnell at “Sit Means Sit” for “giving us our dog back!” Crush, our 4 year old German Shepherd, has always been a sweet, relatively obedient dog with all of our family, but strangers and new experiences, like going to the kennel or vet, brought out the worst in him. Crush was insecure and timid when we adopted him at 6 months, but along the way, combining the lack of confidence with his inclination to protect us got him into trouble.
Bob and Eileen certainly trained Crush—giving him confidence and guidance, but more importantly they trained us—particularly me—to become the leader. Their complete and thorough explanations of the philosophy of their training method, directions to me about how and why to conduct practices with Crush, and incredible patience when we didn’t always get it right the first time translated into tremendous progress for all of us. Even the folks at the kennel commented on the difference in Crush already.
Bob and Eileen’s very obvious love for the dogs and their clear concise training plan that gets results every step of the way is a winning combination.
I could go on and on, but I will simply say that I recommend “Sit Means Sit” wholeheartedly.

Cheryl Taustin

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Testimonial- Espina and Seraphina

Dear Bob,
Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your patience, expertise, and all
the time you spent training Espina and Serafina.

I thank God the day I went to the pet show and saw Bob (of Sit Means Sit) showing his dog. I
was so impressed that day that I got his card and called him. We set up an
appointment and Bob showed us a demonstration. He was extremely
knowledgeable and courteous. This was a no brainer; we knew right away that
we wanted Bob to train our dogs. Bob is a very patient and wonderful man. He
was always on time, never missed an appointment and came for quite awhile
for us. The dogs love him, trust him and look up to him.
He never raised his voice, always gave them praise when they deserved it. It
was truly a wonderful experience for all of us. Serafina never wanted him to
leave and would block the door.

Espina is a 3 year old Dogo, Argentina Mastiff who is 110 lbs. and Serafina
is an 11 month old Cane Corso who is 155 lbs. They both are large dogs.
Espina is set in her ways and was petrified of getting in the car and issues
with walking. Serafina had many issues: Pulling when I would walk her,
jumping, not paying attention, and not listening. With the very first
training, Espina walked great on the leash, no pulling- she sat when I
stopped. It was truly a wonderful experience. Serafina pulled excessively,
she is a very large dog and I couldn’t control her. After 2 visits, she
walks like a show dog. I was truly amazed and very grateful. I look
forward to my walks now with the dogs, as before the training, I was always
very apprehensive. When Bob started working Espina to get in the car, he
was very patient with her, I could see every day progress was being made and
then one day, Bob said this is it, let us see if she will get in and she
did. We were so excited. I truly did not think this was going to happen,
without Bob’s help it never would have. I am extremely grateful to him and
highly recommend him to train any dog. I am more than happy to talk to
anyone about his expertise. Bob has my phone number.
Thank you Bob from the bottom of our hearts for all the time you spent with
Maryann and Ray Polizzi

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Testimonial- Roxy

Dear Bob and Eileen,

Thank you so much for the time and effort that you both put into our little, but
sassy dog, Roxy. Our family was at wits end with her housebreaking and overall bad
behavior. She was out of control no matter what we did. We hired one “trainer” ;
that did not work. One week with Sit Means Sit…….. you and your dogs put her
right in her place! We never wanted a “show” dog. We only wanted an obedient
family pet and you made it possible. As a result, we are able to enjoy our
adorable puppy. Don’t get me wrong, she is still sassy but we know how to deal with
her and make sure she knows that every single family member is in charge, not her.
We are continuing at home with and without lessons with few issues and look forward
to our “at home sessions ” until she reaches a year old, when we plan to send
her back to you for more intense training. Every dollar that we spent at “Sit Means
Sit” was a great investment.

Thank you so much,
Doris George

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Testimonial- Riley

Recently, I adopted a puppy from Animal Services, in Miami, and was looking forward to our new life together. Riley brought all the joys I expected…plus a few minor issues…I wasn’t. At three months I enrolled him in Puppy Training, learning some basic training, playing alot, and getting bigger and stronger. We graduated, but we still had some bigger and stronger issues, like nipping/biting, wild running, barking and chewing…plus pulling hard on the leash. He was in control! I knew we needed more training and Fast!

Looking in the internet for Dog Trainers, I came across Sit Means Sit and found a location on Palm Beach, Florida with Dog Trainer, Robert Burnell. I liked what I read, so I called to learn more about remote dog training collar. Bob drove to Miami with his dog for a demonstration…I couldn’t believe what I saw and signed up on the spot!

It has been terrific working with Bob in understanding how to change Riley’s behavior. He is truly a different dog now and a real pleasure to own and enjoy. Bob traveled many miles bewteen Palm Beach and Miami to help me and Riley, and I hope soon to travel to his new group classes.

I have referred a friend to Bob…and can say…you’ll be happy you called him. I really now have “The Life With Riley”! Thanks Bob…


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Testimonial- Stormy

Bob Burnell

I am very sorry this is our last training session. Although your visits meant work, I enjoyed them–and I think Stormy did too.

All my friends are delighted that Stormy no longer jumps on them. And, they have also said that there is a world of difference in her behavior. I am happy that she comes when called!

I will remember your lessons because you told me the reason behind each command, and gave examples of how she might react-and how I should act. This is very important- months from now I will remember those examples more than anything else.

Many, many thanks
Georgene & Stormy

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