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WinterBark 2010

Kody and I attended and performed at the WinterBark 2010 event hosted by Compassionate Pug Rescue.  This was our second year doing it and again we had a great time.

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Busy Weekend for Sit Means Sit of Palm Beach

The staff of Sit Means Sit of Palm Beach had a very busy weekend. We did three events.

First, on Friday Night, we attended the Pretty In The City event hosted by SUNNY 104.3 to benefit the Office Depot Foundation. The night was filled with music, food, drinks and 3,000 women celebrating. Yeah, we had a good time.

The next morning we did a 5 mile walk at John Prince Park to raise money to find the cure for arthritis.

That afternoon we were at The Holistic Pet Cuisine for their meet the trainer event. We answered the various questions that the clients had regarding behavioral and training issues.

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Kacey shows that she can also heel nicely

Kacey is my 6 month Vizsla mix puppy. She sees her brother Kody get so much attention when he heels, so she shows she can also.

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Kody and I attended the Sit Means Sit Police K9 School

Kody and I had the opportunity to attend and assist Fred Hassen with the Sit Means Sit K9 School that was held in Polk County Florida.  The purpose of the school was not to teach tactics, but to teach a higher level of control for the K9 teams.  The handlers soon realized that through better control, they had more options open to them.  We had a great time and Kody learned some new skills and had alot of fun in the process.  We want to thank Fred for his instruction and the deputies of Polk County and the officers of Lakeland Police.  We learned alot from you.

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K9 Practice- Getting Kody ready for school

Kody and I will be participating in a Police K9 School that will be instructed by Fred Hassen. Shown here is some basic Police K9 courses that Police Dogs are tested on. First is the walking course. Dog stays with you as the handler walks out, makes a right, walks out, makes a right, walks out. Some courses have gun fire at this point. Dog and handler then returns to the start. I changed things up a bit for the return. Control of the dog is essential, but I really put some distance into this practice run. Looking forward to learning new techniques and polishing up existing ones with Fred Hassen.

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South Florida Police Expo 2009

Sit Means Sit Trainer Bob Burnell and his dog Kody participated in the South Florida Police, Fire, and Security Expo at the Palm Beach Convention Center. Once again, Sit Means Sit showed off our style of training and the benefits that can be achieved. This year, we brought our new puppy- Kacey. I am not sure which dog impressed the crowd more.

Video of Kody in Action

Video of Kacey in training

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Testimonial- Crush

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Bob and Eileen Burnell at “Sit Means Sit” for “giving us our dog back!” Crush, our 4 year old German Shepherd, has always been a sweet, relatively obedient dog with all of our family, but strangers and new experiences, like going to the kennel or vet, brought out the worst in him. Crush was insecure and timid when we adopted him at 6 months, but along the way, combining the lack of confidence with his inclination to protect us got him into trouble.
Bob and Eileen certainly trained Crush—giving him confidence and guidance, but more importantly they trained us—particularly me—to become the leader. Their complete and thorough explanations of the philosophy of their training method, directions to me about how and why to conduct practices with Crush, and incredible patience when we didn’t always get it right the first time translated into tremendous progress for all of us. Even the folks at the kennel commented on the difference in Crush already.
Bob and Eileen’s very obvious love for the dogs and their clear concise training plan that gets results every step of the way is a winning combination.
I could go on and on, but I will simply say that I recommend “Sit Means Sit” wholeheartedly.

Cheryl Taustin

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Introducing Kacey

Sit Means Sit of Palm Beach is happy to introduce our newest staff member. Kacey is a 9wk Vizsla/Golden Retriever mix and she will be amazing. We look forward to sharing her with you. This video was shot on her first 24 hours with us. She is cute and very smart.

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Here is Crush, one of my newer client’s dogs. Crush knows many commands, but like most dogs can become lost when a distraction comes into play. We had a great time with him and the client has already seen a difference in his behavior. Dogs that are under control tend to be calmer and more relaxed.

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2009 West Palm Beach Home Show

Kody and I participated in the 2009 West Palm Beach Home Show at the South Florida Fairgrounds. This video focuses more on the fun we had at the show, then Kody’s talents. We were located at the Pet Pavillion with several other dog related vendors. The staff and fellow vendors were all great and Kody had a blast posing with some of the vendor’s products. The fashion show drew quite a crowd.

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