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Our Training Programs

Private In-Home Training

Our sessions together take place in the comfort of your home.  The time we spend together is our time, you are not sharing our training time with other people.  We concentrate on the needs of your dog(s) and your situation.  We can agree that most people would rather have the dog trained at home, not just for the convenience, but also because that is where the dog is possible having issues.

Imagine having a dog that is a joy to be around. One that responds to your every command, regardless of distractions or situations. A dog that garners compliments every where you go. Each of our personally tailored programs will help your dog develop calmness, confidence, great house manners and reliability in all their obedience commands. Our Private In Home Lessons are specifically geared for the family who wants to be personally and directly involved in the success of their dog’s training.

Private Lessons are customized for your individual needs and are done IN YOUR HOME. We walk you through a step by step program that will last a lifetime for your dog. For all private lessons, we are available 6 days per week so we can accommodate your schedule!

Interested in a FREE EVALUATION?  Contact me and we will set you up.  Help is a click away.

Puppy Training

So, you got yourself a new puppy,  congratulations.  The word that I sometimes here next is HELP, my dog is a terror.  You may have issues such as housebreaking, jumping, chewing, nipping, or basic obedience.  We can help you with these issues and others.  Our puppy program guides you and the puppy through these formative weeks of early development.  We bring the joy back into the house by providing a foundation of training.  Through training comes understanding and respect.  This concept does go both ways.  It is important for the Pet Parent to understand and respect the dog as well as the puppy understanding us and respecting us.

Interested in a FREE EVALUATION?  Contact me and we will set you up.  Help is a click away.

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So why should I hire you?

There are multiple methods to train dogs and most any trainer will tell you that their method is superior and why.  The joke is usually told that if you put 5 trainers in the same room, the only point they can agree on is that the other trainer is wrong.  With all the information that is out there I can only ask this of you-  Look around, ask questions, check out videos and blog posts.  What are their credentials, where have they taught and how long have they been training.  Remember, even a trainer with a multitude of credentials may not be the best choice for you.  Some trainers are only good with dogs and some only good with people.  What you need is a combination of both.  I mean, what good is it if they can work your dog, but cant explain how they did it.  It is also important to note what their training method is, do you understand it? Can you do it?


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Thats my boy

Thats my boy

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We say we love our dogs, but…

How many times have you seen a car driving by and you notice that there is a dog on the drivers lap and also probably sticking their head out the window.  This is a severe distraction for the driver that can easily lead to a car accident.  The front passenger seat is not much better.  The dog hanging out the window is a target for flying debris.  Additionally, in the case of an accident with vehicles that have air bags, the air bag deploys at about 200 mph.  What do you think that would do to a dog?

An unrestrained dog, whether it is the front seat or the rear area, is a deadly missile that can and will cause injury to itself and others in an accident.  We owe it to them and ourselves to act in a proper and safe manner with our pets.  I would not expect to see a driver allowing a child to be hanging out on the drivers lap or sticking their head out the window.  Yeah, on occasion we do see it, poor kid.  Most people however would not allow this to occur with children, but they do with their pet.  Why?

Pets should be secured in a restraint (i.e. Ruff Rider) or a travel kennel.  Our pets are counting on us to make the best decisions for their safety.  Let’s show them we love them by securing them when we bring them with us in the car.


Going on a trip- safely

Going on a trip- safely


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Reactive Dogs, what can you do?

Dogs react to their environment in the best way that they know how.  There in lies part of the problem.  If they do not know how to cope, they usually either go into Fight or Flight mode.  The dog thinks, ”  Can I take the problem out with force or can I get away from it”.

The average Pet Parent means well, but may do the exact opposite of what needs to be done.   Here we have a dog that needs direction or input from an outside source to overcome the external (person, dog, cat etc) issue, but they receive no direction.   The distraction could also be internal like the dog having a lack of socialization or self confidence.  He just does not know what to do.   The dog acts out the best way it knows how.  Think of yourself thrust into a job or situation that you know little about.  We feel frustrated and unsure of ourselves.  We may want to get the heck out of the situation or we become agitated for being forced into the situation.  We might even lash out because of our lack of understanding or control.  Now imagine someone coming to your aid and guides you through that same situation or better yet prepares you for it before it occurs.  That’s what the job of the Parent is, to guide and prepare.


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Sit Means Sit hosts Pet Tech class in Durham, N.C.

Sit Means Sit Palm Beach hosted an 8 hr Petsaver class and a 3 day P.T.I. Instructor course in Durham, N.C. at the American Underground near Duke University on October 21-23,2012. There where 13 Petsaver students. Our 5 new Instructors include 2 Sit Means Sit owners

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Three new students become Pet Tech Instructors

This is the September PetSaver Class that took place in Boynton Beach Florida.

This class included three new Pet Tech Instructors (Eileen, Michele, and Nick). Eileen is my office manager/asst trainer.

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Sit Means Sit at Local Iberia Business Expo

Sit Means Sit of Palm Beach attended a local business expo hosted by Iberia Bank

Here is Kody using their convient ATM- “What do you mean I can’t get bones here?”

“I have a question about my account”

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6 New Instructors Certified to Teach Pet CPR and First Aid

I recently had the honor to teach Pet First Aid to eleven students at the Sit Means Sit location in Dallas Texas. Six of those students became Pet Tech Instructors. Four of these Instructors are part of the Sit Means Sit Family. The first day’s class was very
educational and everyone left with a better knowledge of how to enhance, improve, and safeguard the lives of our pets. The second day, just for instructors, was very long and we covered a lot of material. The instructors did very well in not only understanding
the material, but in being able to explain and teach the techniques of CPR, Choking, Bleeding Management and our Snout To Tail Assessment. The third day was the test of their ability to teach these skills to the class. They did extremely well and I am very proud
of each and every one of them. Congratulations to Troy Pfeifer, Hamid Parvizian, Karen Thorn, Steve Baum, Darrel Forsberg and Rebeccah Kleinberg.

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Sit Means Sit at 94.3 Real Radio

Bob Burnell and Kody of Sit Means Sit were asked to meet with Johnny C of 94.3 Real Radio. Real Radio is promoting the Palm Beach Pet Expo that is coming to the Palm Beach Convention Center on December 8 & 9, 2012. Sit Means Sit will be there performing and doing exhibitions.

Johnny C donned a bite suit so that he and Kody could have a bit of fun- Malinois Style

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