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Pitbull Masters walking on leash


Shawn did an awesome job with my Nessie. Before Shawn came along, Nessie walked/dragged me for walks. And if a squirrel crossed her path, it was a battle to keep her from bolting. Now, I am in control and walking her is a pleasure.
Thank you Shawn and Sit Means Sit! You are AWESOME!!

  Karen Brawley Charlotte,NC 

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Jeni and Bryan are amazed at their 6 month Husky/Shepherd Ozzy

We were very impressed with how quickly and easily Shawn was able to teach our 6 month old Shepherd/husky mix a few commands on his first visit. We are looking forward to his next training and was just amazed at how well trained his dog Turner was. Shawn showed love and compassion towards our little Ozzy and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you
Jeni and Bryan Bullock

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Bryan and his Wife loving the new Pups Obedience

My wife and I had been referred to several local dog trainers. We selected Shawn and Sit Means Sit because of his program and the way he interacted with our two puppies (Loki and Lorelei ). Shawn is professional and exceeded our expectations. The best part is that we can continue our training by attending his weekend group classes. My wife, the pups, and I are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Shawn and his company. I will recommend Sit Means Sit to anyone wanting a better relationship with their K9. Thanks, Bryan

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The Cunningham’s Doberman


We adopted Bailey and raised her from 8 wks old. We started training her with basic commands which she learned very quickly. As she grew both in size and intelligence, she quickly took her place as “Head of Household”, right next to my husband.  I would’ve been ok with this, except for the fact that I was her chew toy. At 10 months old, she was more than we could handle at 65 lbs.  I contacted Shawn and set up a Demo. We were immediately impressed with him and the miracle collar he uses. He developed a rapport quickly with her (and she likes no one outside our family).  When he got her to do in 10 mins. what we haven’t been able to in 6 mths. (without food that is), we were sold.  Shawn has helped us learn how to get Bailey to obey, in only 3 sessions. He has a true gift and has helped us build a symbiotic relationship with her. Bailey’s come a long way in a short time. She’s 11 mths. old now & actually a joy to be with. We owe this to Shawn and feel very fortunate to have found him.

The Cunningham Family, Waxhaw NC

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Sarah and Joe Garner


Its been 6 months since Shawn came to train Charlie….I am able to take charlie and my twins for a walk at the same time!! And charlie is off his leash. Best investment ever!



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Cane Corso Masters Obedience Training


I was amazed at how fast this system works. The system works because of the trainer Shawn. He established a trusting relationship with Bub. This made the training work right a way. I can walk Bub with or without a leash. He will come when he is called every time and will sit. It takes away a lot of stress when BIG puppies can listen. Thanks again to Shawn and his patience working with Bub.

Steve and Tammy, Charlotte,NC

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Lab Mix Masters Obedience in Statesville

I can not thank you enough. Koby is so much better behaved. We are walking now without a leash thanks to you. Oh, and I can vacumn my house without a dog attached to the vacumn, haha
See you on a Sat soon. It is crazy how much better behaved he is, I wish I knew you three years ago

Melinda and Koby, Statesville, NC

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Pitbull does Awesome in Matthews

Hey Shawn,

                   Just a quick note to say how much both Drew & I, and of course Roxy enjoyed our training.  We were worried that Roxy’s bad habits of jumping on people, not listening to commands and just basically being an untamed spirit would be very hard to cure.  Wow, we were amazed that after only two sessions, Roxy was attentive, and responding to all our commands.  Roxy did such a great job, that the third session we started to go into more advanced commands.  You did a super job with Roxy, and we are looking forward to the group classes now that the weather has begun to warm up.
See you at the group classes, and again thanks.
Mark & Drew McKean,Matthews,NC
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Shepard Mix learns it all in Weddington


We rescued our Shepherd Mix Daisy a year and a half ago. She was great with the kids and a perfect playmate for our then 2 year old Golden Retriever, River.  But she was a bolter.  Any chance she would get, she would run out the door and gallivant through the neighborhood like an antelope. She is long, lean and fast!  The only way I could catch her was by driving around the neighborhood with my SUV hatch open asking her if she wanted to go for a car ride.  Growing up with Goldens, I was used to a dog that always wanted to be with me.  I started to question if Daisy was a suitable neighborhood dog, or if she needed to be in the country where she could run and hunt. Enter Shawn Erb. I saw Turner at the Waxhaw Christmas parade and thought he was amazing to be so well behaved off-leash with all of the distractions of the parade. He was with the “Sit Means Sit” group, so I called them.  Now Daisy comes when she is called and I don’t have to be so stressed out all the time about her getting out. We had a true test during our third session when the door was left open and she bolted across the street. She was wearing her training collar and I called her and she came straight back to me. It was amazing and worth every second of the training Shawn and I had put in.  She can also be in the back yard now and if she is barking, I can tell her to be quiet or to come, and she responds immediately.  My daily walks with River and Daisy are much more controlled and Daisy pays attention to me now instead of always looking for her next “target” to go after.  Thank you Shawn for your confidence in Daisy and for helping her to become the dog that I needed her to be.

Thank you Shawn,

 Brenda Gale, Weddington, NC

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Australian Terrier training in Waxhaw


Thank you so much for training Luna. She is a completely different dog! This picture of her doing “place” says it all. She used to be so crazy we didn’t know where to even begin. We can’t thank you enough and will totally recommend you and the training you provide for our furry kids. All the best!

Mattie Walker

Thanks for all your help with our very active dog! We needed your help focusing her high energy and she’s now a great companion. Thanks Shawn, a great investment!

 Robert Walker


Robert & Mattie Walker, Waxhaw,NC 




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Golden Retriever training in Waxhaw


I want to thank you for helping me get the dog I have always dreamed of. As a dog lover I have always dreamed of having a dog I could take any place with me. You have made my dreams come true. I wanted a dog who could totally depend on me as I could of her. As a mother of three boys I am always at some type of ball field sitting in the stands by my self, I always dreamed of having my companion next to me while my husband is on the field coaching our children. Shawn you have made my dreams come true. I knew Lexi was smart and very obedient but never realized just how smart she really is. After three lessons she is completely off leash with all commands, and now starting to rally. I appreciate everything you have done for my family and I.  If anyone needs a testimonial or a reference please feel free to have them contact me. Looking forward to more great stuff and thanks again.

Love Always,
Jennifer, Lexi and the rest of the gang. Waxhaw,NC

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Shepard Mix training in Matthews


I have been very pleased with Sit Means Sit and Shawn. For a few years I had considered hiring a trainer and after seeing Shawn and Turner at the dog park decided to actually look into it. Shawn was great in following up with me and scheduling the demo. After seeing the demo with my own dog I was sold. The results were immediate. Thanks to Sit Means Sit Koda now has the freedom he deserves with out always being at the end of a leash. I would definitely recommend Shawn to anyone that is looking to improve their bond with their own dog. It works!


Kelly Sniatecki , Matthews NC

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Beagle Training in Indian Trail


Thank you for our first dog training lesson. It was surprising to see how quickly you were able to teach my dogs some basics. Lucky, my ten year old boxer-hound mix, came to you and sat at your command in just a short few minutes. But the amazing thing was my 11 month old male beagle. He is a very active pup that has his nose on the ground almost constantly. You however, were able to get him to forget smelling the ground and to come to you and sit… all within about 20 minutes. You seem to know what you are doing in dog training and really have “the touch” with dogs. Thank you for lesson one.

Tom, Indian Trail, NC

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Doberman Training

After doing an extreme amount of research on dog training, I contacted Sit Means Sit and scheduled a free consultation.

Shawn Erb came to my house with his parter, Turner, and showed me their demonstration. Needless to say, it was amazing. He even took the time to show me how my dog would react to the e-collar training and she responded within minutes.

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Gracie and a Doberman named Damien. Both have become such well behaved dogs, people comment on their great behavior all the time!!!

Thank you a million times to my personal dog whisperer, Shawn!!! I don’t know what I would have done without you!!!!

– Patty T.

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Wild-Child Boxer Learns Manners in Mint Hill


WOW!!! Thank you for helping me with Ceaser, my 7 month old boxer. He was a wild child when I got him. He wouldn’t listen to me and he constantly tore everything up and was going potty in the house. I was ready to find a new home for him.

Your program is amazing!!!!!!. Within an hour he was listening to commands and has turned into a wonderful smart loving pet. We understand each other now and I am always smiling at him. He has become my pride and joy.

Thank you, Thank you.
Sandy Mint Hill, NC

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