How to Kennel Train Your Dog

How to Kennel Train Your Dog:

A very useful command to teach your dog is the “Kennel” command. Have you ever had to tug your dog into the kennel. Wouldn’t it be nice to teach your dog “Kennel” and then they would freely walk into the kennel without resistance? When teaching your dog the “Kennel” command, practice doing this command with the door open.

The dog is expected to stay in the kennel with the door open or closed. Practice closing the door and then opening the door with your dog still in the kennel. Sometimes dogs automatically think, door opening means go through the door and run out. We want to teach the dog that door opening means nothing and the dog doesn’t come out of the kennel until they hear their command “Kennel”.

Here is an excellent video from the CEO of Sit Means Sit Dog Training,

Fred Hassen, demonstrating the “Kennel” command.

We hope you enjoyed this useful tip. If you have any questions about

this command then please ask Tony at your next group training class.

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Training Multiple Dogs!

Below is a recent NEW video of the day from our CEO, Fred, of one of their Las Vegas clients.

After spending thousands of dollars needlessly, this woman found a dog training system that works! It is important to see the various dog training methods and systems that are available and most importantly finding one that will work for both you and your dog, and that you will be able to maintain in a time effective and cost effective manner. We always offer a FREE demonstration to show you the quality and effectiveness of our programs before you spend any money!

For a Free Demo with your dog call today at 314-576-4110 or Click Here

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Dog Training St. Louis

Sit Means Sit Dog Training in St. Louis Missouri

At Sit Means Sit Dog Training St Louis, We train all dog sizes and types with big or small problems. Ashton Fitz-Gerald goes through some training with Shih tzu in this video. Sit Means Sit dog training trains all kinds of dogs from big to small. Sit Means Sit also trains all sorts of owners to use our Sit Means Sit dog collar very effectively.

Video with Shih tzu.

Click Here to set up your free in-home demonstration and evaluation

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