A Huge Thank You, had 2 workmen here today over 5 hours. Krieger was WONDERFUL! Thank You for working Her through , building Her Confidence… Many Thanks…
Charlotte Payette

My husband and I had never owned a dog on our own. We now feel like confident and knowledgable dog owners. I honestly think that we had more to learn than our dog Harvey did! Before training, Harvey was a fairly well behaved dog but was overly excited about other dogs and would fixate on them and pull towards them on leash. Harvey’s heel command is so great now that I no longer dread our walks. I truly believe that Harvey loves the structure and loves knowing what to do. We try to make it to group class as often as possible because Harvey really does enjoy it-his tail never stops when we are at Sit Means Sit!
Carrie, Phil, and Harvey

Dear staff,
When I rescued Gus from the Monroe, Ill. shelter he was totally out of control. He had spent the last year of his life in a crate or a kennel, and before that we have no idea what his life was like. But everyone that came in contact with him said what a GREAT dog he was. So I decided to give this awesome dog a chance. I brought him home to find out this awesome dog had no manners, listened to no one, loved to counter surf, etc. I knew I needed help, but that proved harder than I thought. Gus is a pit bull and finding a trainer that will take this breed was a challenge until I found Casey & Sit Means Sit. If I had all the money in the world I could not have bought – paid for better training. They took him for 2 weeks, and when I went to pick him up, I was convinced they gave me the wrong dog back. He is now a super well behaved dog. I wish you could see the way he does anything and everything you ask him to do. He sits, heels, stays ,whatever, totally off leash. I love taking him places to show off how well he behaves. Thank you seems so inadequate for all you have done for me and Gus. I would recommend Casey & Sit Means Sit to anyone that needs help with their dog. They are #1 with me, THANK YOU, THANK YOU CASEY RAY. You are AWESOME!!!!
Your #1 fans,

Debbie & Gus

To everyone at Sit means Sit,

The staff has been great at sit means sit. My dog Sophie has been more enjoyable to be around since her training here. She is a high energy dog and they have taught me how to control her energy. Since her training here she has passed her CGC , I have been able to take her to dog friendly places and she behaves well. She now goes to group classes with no leash during the class. She even went to the winery with us last week and did very well. She is still learning but it is nice to know I can take her out and have pretty good control with her.
Thanks everyone,
Chris Meyer

Thanks to Casey, Tony, Juan, and the entire Sit Means Sit team for a great experience at the AKC CGC test last night. It was a squeaker with that “loose lead” thing, but we are very proud that Roxie passed! Looking forward to seeing you all soon in group class.
Gidget Hall

I wanted to say thank you to everyone at Sit Means Sit!! Pietra and I came to our first group session today and loved it!
You all have transformed her into a fun and enjoyable dog to take places and on walks. You have helped us work with her in a safe environment and have shown us how to handle her properly and efficiently.
We will definitely be back next week to make more progress!!
KaeCee Nicole

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I was able to take Pietra to the park yesterday (on a 20ft training lead) and play ball with her! Two dogs walked by, I had her sit, she whimpered and whined but did not freak out!! We are on our way to having a balanced dog~very nice indeed!
Kerri Warren

Kaaren's Malamute, Max - Trained by Casey Ray

As a first time dog owner, my husband and I wanted to make sure we got our puppy off to the right start!  Casey has been instrumental in teaching our family how to  implement the basics of obedience with our dog.  We have had great results with Casey’s guidance and can’t imagine trying to train without his advice.  We signed up for a package of private lessons with unlimited group lessons to follow.  Worth every penny!  Thank you to Casey for getting us on the right track with our newest family member!
Linda Miner, Ballwin, MO

Maddie wanted to say hi! And I wanted to thank u again she gets better everyday Connor my 7 year old loves showin her off and Emma our 2 1/2 year old loves that she can walk her all by herself if you guys ever get to Springfield give us a shout we will buy u dinner thanks again would make the drive back anytime!!
Brian Anderson
Springfield, MO

I had to walk thru tons of people with our dogs this weekend. They did perfect. We’re very pleased with your training!
Chad Davis

Thanks for extending yourself and asking for feedback for improvement.  In fact, I believe the over whelming intangible you possess is your attention to detail.  The moment Charlie Blue and I started attending your private classes and group classes I’ve truly enjoyed the relentless pursuit of improvement and perfection while having fun.  After a few short weeks we could already see a huge improvement in Charlie’s over all demeanor.  Speaking from the standpoint of a busy family with two young kids it’s a real pleasure having a disciplined Labrador retriever among the pack!
Jimmy Hoffner
Chesterfield, MO

Just wanted to let you know that I have seen a much improved Abby.  We have used the techniques that you have provided and with some work and consistency this very stubborn, do as she pleases, Presa Canario has become a much more well behaved girl.  We are still working on her insecurities but she has come a long way since we started working with you.  I appreciate all you have done to help Abby and I both.  Thanks for your patience and helping us to make Abby a happy and more balanced girl.
Bridget Francis

Owning German Shepherd littermates are quite a challenge, by the time they were 5 months old we had been with a few trainers and had very little results and was told by several trainers that the chance for success in training littermates was very little. I searched every trainer on the internet and kept going back to STL Sit Means Sit’s and was very impressed with with the videos, and his dog training education I took the plunge and called. After speaking with the guys at Sit Means Sit I knew I wanted to give him a chance. I did board and train with my female Abbey, and day training with my male Lucas. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. My puppies are now 8 months old and have come such a long way. While we still have small puppy issues while they are growing the trainers are always there to help guide me in what is best for Abbey and Lucas.

Thank you. I sincerely appreciate all you have done and continue
to do for us. Look forward to many more group classes.
Rita Montgomery

We can’t say enough about the training JoJo has gotten by Casey Ray through Sit Means Sit.  He was able to guide us successfully through all his typical  puppy behaviors.  JoJo is a terrific bulldog but certainly has a stubborn streak and our training has made him a welcome addition to our home.  All of our kids understand the training techniques and have used them continually today.  JoJo is a happy, well behaved dog which makes me a happy dog owner!!
Karen Boone

Casey, We’ve been more than pleased with our dogs progress under your guidance.  You have helped us to understand some simple concepts that have made our lives much easier, and therefore happier!  We’re impressed with how quickly our dogs behaviors have changed, which has resulted in increased confidence for both us and our dogs.  Thank you for your help!  We are anxious to learn more!Thank you,
Kate and Nathan Jones

My wife and I have a female boxer named Kya.  In the beginning we took her to training classes at Pet Smart as well as Bark Busters before finding our way to Sit-Means-Sit and Casey Ray.  Kya had a serious attitude problem despite her training.  We wouldn’t want to walk her because everytime we saw a dog even a block away she would pull hard, begin barking and eventually get into growling and “red-zoning” as we got closer.  We would never think of walking next to another dog on the same sidewalk.  This past week I had a breakthrough with Kya.  We have completed our three day-training sessions with Casey and I took Kya out to walk at our parents house.  On our walk we came upon a friend of the family walking their french bulldog coming straight at us.  With only a couple of corrections through the collar I was able to have Kya sitting and waiting to continue our walk as I talked.  No barking or growling.  As I talked, another person came walking on the other side of the street walking a golden retriever and carrying a small dog.  This, I thought, would be the ultimate test.  As they passed Kya stayed sitting(with a reminder) and never barked, growled, or pulled.  As the walk progressed Kya did a great job of heeling.  When we were almost home we came across another test and this I realized could be an even bigger test.  On the other side of the street was a great dane off leash in its front yard with its family.  It came out to look at us and Kya looked back.  With a couple of quick corrections, however, we were walking without any hassle and she didn’t pay any mind to the great dane.  For the first time in years I actually look forward to walking with Kya and we have Casey Ray to thank for that.

Sean Parini, Belleville, IL

Casey was wonderful with our Malamute, Max. Walking Max is more of a pleasure than a task. Max responds to commands and the neighbors refer to him as the teddy bear. And I really appreciate the opportunity to bring him back for “refreshers.” Though I’m the one that needs it more than him!
Ballwin, MO

Hey!  Duke is doing amazing.  I leave his crate door open and he loves taking naps in it.  We’ve been doing about 10-20 minutes of obedience training everyday and he and Riley have never been better.  They play well and when it gets too rough I am able to tell Duke when it’s enough and he stops.  He likes his “place” command, too.  I feel like I have complete control of him and he always looks to me for direction :) He’s much happier now.  Thank you again for everything
Tiffany Armstrong
Madison, WI

Tony, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your group classes. Those dogs in class are such a hoot! I am thoroughly entertained with their different personalities & antics. And its nice to see how you have such a good way with them (better than Cesar Milan).
See you Thursday with Libby.