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ANY Dog, ANY Age, ANY Problem

We give you what no one else can – the knowledge and training for you to achieve any result you choose. We instruct you to be in control of your lifestyle and be rid of the stress forever!  We want to meet you, your family and four legged friend before we even start training.  We believe that you and your family should be comfortable with the trainer you hire.  We start everyone out with a Free Consultation so that we can discuss your goals.  Schedule a free in home consultation before beginning your journey.

We have a new dog training video every single day!

At Sit Means Sit Dog Training- St Petersburg we make no excuses. We personally instruct you and your entire family (to include the furry ones) how to conduct your ideal lifestyle, whatever that may be.

Real Training for Real Families

Sit Means Sit  is looking for families who want to live a happy and peaceful life with their own dogs. It doesn’t matter if you are looking just to improve your obedience or if you have the “last chance” dog, we are here for you. You don’t need to be a prisoner in your own home. We help you achieve authority not derived from fear, but nurtured through structure and education.

Immediate and Lasting Results

Every dog is capable of listening. We give you control of your pets so you can lead the lifestyle you have always wanted to – free of worry or care.

This includes commands such as:

  •  Come on Command (every time!)
  •  Walk on a loose leash
  •  Sit
  •  Sit at a distance
  •  Down
  •  Down at a distance
  •  Place
  •  All off Leash!

Not only will we teach you these behaviors, but we will also stop embarrassing behaviors such as:

  •  Barking
  •  Mouthing
  •  Biting
  •  Chewing
  •  Licking
  •  Digging
  •  Begging
  •  Jumping
  •  People/Dog Aggression

“The Living My Lifestyle Guarantee”

We at Sit Means Sit take your happiness very seriously, and of all of this sounds to good to be true, right? Well, here’s the deal. Both our training and our tools have a guarantee to stand behind them. Our training tools come with a no B.S. Lifetime warranty! All of our training includes lifetime access to all of our trainers to ensure that you will never have a problem you can’t solve.

We have a firm stance to stand behind everything we do…Period! If you’d like to learn more, click here, fill out the information, and we will come and personally meet you and your wonderful family.

BEWARE! Sit Means Sit is the real deal of training. We only want to work with families that want a peaceful home and include their dogs as members of the family. These families want to work with their dogs to get rid of stress and live a new lifestyle.