Dog Training – Teach your dog to ‘crawl’ or ‘hide’

David Smith, a Sit Means Sit dog training franchise owner, is seen here working his dog around a lot of distraction at a trade show.
Sit Means Sit Dog Trainers know the importance of having their dogs happy, obedient and off leash. The best tips we can give our clients, is
to have their dogs attentive and a good deal of their dog problems will disappear.

In this dog training video, you will also see David and his dog performing a ‘crawl’ command, and a ‘hide’ command. It’s hard enough to do these things,
let alone do them reliably in a strange setting with a lot of people around. That is what dog training is all about though! Our dog trainers learn about all of
these things at our dog training school, and the clients then learn at our dog behavior classes.

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