Having fun at the World Championships on the Outdoor Channel!

Fred Hassen and “Nash” during the qualifying round at the Dock Dogs World Championships in Salem, Oregon.

Dock Dogs is one of the most motivational dog sports in the world today. There are over 20,000 members belonging to Dock Dogs. It is essential that the dog really likes a toy, will go into the water, and will jump off of an elevated dock.

In this video, you will see the dog barking in excitement for the toy that I am holding. Through all of that excitement, the dog also has to be able to wait patiently at the end of the dock until you get back there to throw it. I like to put my dog in a “beg” position. Doc talks is a very fun dog sport.

These championships will be aired on the Outdoor Channel. Find a dog trainer in your area, or learn how to become a dog trainer yourself!

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