Interview with Alfredo Rivera – 3rd Place Extreme Vertical

Alfredo Rivera and Power Puma at 2010 DockDogs World Championships

How did Power Puma perform in the qualifying rounds in the Stihl DockDogs World Championships this year?

Puma won 1st in the first EV Qualifier round.

How did Power Puma do overall in the World Championships this year? Any new personal bests?

He placed 3rd in EV, 5th in Iron Dog and 8th in BA. No personal bests.

What are some of your favorite things about the World Championships this year?

The weather was great!

What did you think about the Outdoor Channel filming at the World Championships and them having the big Jumbotron there? It was cool. Did you see Power Puma on the Jumbotron?


What did you think about the crowd at the World Championships?

The crowd was not that big but had great energy.

What kind of vibe did feel from the crowd?

They enjoyed the show.

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