Interview with Jon Langdon: World DockDogs Competitor

Remy World DockDog Competitor

How long have you been a trainer with Sit Means Sit?

2 1/2 years. I opened my own location a year ago.

How do you feel about being invited to the 2010 Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

I’m very excited. I grew up as a little kid watching it and always wanted to do it.

What disciplines are you invited to for this year’s Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

Iron Dog
Big Air
Speed Retrieve
Extreme Vertical

How do you feel Sit Means Sit’s attention-based dog training system has helped you achieve being invited to this year’s Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

It builds the drive and the want in a dog. The technique work perfectly with DockDogs.

Which DockDogs World Championships invitations will you be accepting?

Iron Dog
Big Air

How did you earn your invitations this year?

The Best of the West series and the Kansas City World Qualifier

Do you have a sponsor for the World Championships?


Are you happy with the location for Stihl DockDogs World Championships this year?

I have never been there. I’m happy though because I have a buddy who lives there. I would love for the event to be held somewhere like Hawaii or Miami next year.

Have you been to a World Championship event before?


What DockDogs titles does Remy have?

Super Elite for Big Air
Top Gun in Extreme Vertical
Turbo in Speed Retrieve

What are Remy’s current rankings in each discipline?

1st in Big Air, 15th in Speed Retrieve, 4th in Iron Dog, 20th in Extreme Vertical

What kind of music do you and Remy prefer on the dock?

Anything upbeat…Rock..Techno.

What do you tell Remy when he’s on the dock?

Get the bumper! You got to get the bumper!!

What do you like the most about Sit Means Sit’s attention-based dog training system?

All of the off leash control and the freedom it give me and my dog. So much more than the average person and their dog.

Quote from your dog:
Go big or go home!!

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