Interview with Julie Jay: DockDogs World Competitor

How do you feel about being sponsored by Sit Means Sit for the 2010 Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?
I like that the philosophy can be followed by anyone. It teaches clear communication and bonding between the dog and the handler.

How do you feel about being invited to the 2010 Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

I feel honored to be a part of the World Championships. Many people can only dream of having a dog as good as Tractor and Caddis….I just got lucky and won the doggy lottery.

What disciplines are you invited to for this year’s Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?
Caddis and Julie received an invite in Big Air, Caddis and Brittan received an invite for Iron Dog. Tractor and Julie earned an invite to Speed Retrieve.

Which DockDogs World Championships invitations will you be accepting?

How did you earn your invitations this year?
Tractor and I earned it through rankings, and Caddis and I earned it through the sportsman series.

Do you have a sponsor for the World Championships?
Sit Means Sit and Cycle Dog

Are you happy with the location for Stihl DockDogs World Championships this year?
Absolutely. It’s almost in our backyard – well 6 hours away. Better than the 2 days we had to drive last year. In addition, Oregon is a beautiful and friendly state. You really can’t go wrong in the pacific northwest.

Have you been to a World Championship event before?
My husband Britten Jay and Caddis earned an invite in Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog. We accepted those and made the long journey, however it was well worth the travel. The experience is like no other.

What were you invited for in the past and what did you accept?
I did not earn an invite myself, but my dog Caddis did with my husband.

How did you do in the past?
Caddis made it to the Semi finals in Iron Dog last year and ended up 11th in Extreme Vertical.

What are some of your favorite things about the Stihl DockDogsWorld Championships last year?
Without a doubt, it was being able to sit back and watch top notch canine athletes with their handlers. To me, there is nothing more refreshing than to see good people demonstrate responsible dog ownership. In addition, I was able to meet and talk to many dog and handler teams (yes, I talked to the dogs too, even kissed them, but not the handlers) that I only hear or see on television or see in the worldwide ranking. To me, this was more fun than Disneyland, but not more fun than swimming with Sea Lions.

What DockDogs titles does Caddis have?
Caddis and Britten hold: Elite, Top Gun and Sonic titles. Caddis and I hold Elite and Turbo titles. Tractor and I hold Elite, Top Gun and Sonic titles.

What are Caddis’ current rankings in each discipline?
Caddis and I are ranked 26th in Big Air.
Tractor and I are ranked 34th in Big Air, 34th in EV and 6 in Speed Retrieve.

What kind of music do you and Caddis prefer on the dock?
Without a doubt, 80s music for Caddis and Country for Tractor sprinkled with a little Vanilla Ice.

What do you tell Caddis when he’s on the dock?
I say nothing to Caddis…trust me, she amped up enough. With Tractor, I really rough him up and tell him to kill the bumper while pounding on him…he likes it.

Quote from your dog:
“Shut up…I know what I’m doing….Do you?!!”

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