Interview with World’s Competitor Julie Jay

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How did Caddis perform in the qualifying rounds in the Stihl DockDogs World Championships this year?

Caddis and I made the quarter finals in Big Air with a 25’2 and finished 6th place over all.  Caddis and Britten finished 6th in Iron Dog.  Tractor and I finished 5th in speed retrieve and also made the quarter finals.

How did Caddis do overall in the World Championships this year?  Any new personal bests?

Tractor and I did not do as well as I was hoped.  Granted 5th place is not bad.  However I had hoped for better times all around.  Caddis did better in Big Air with me than I expected.  She had her 2nd over 25 foot jump with me  – plus she made the quarter finals in Big Air.  I never would have guessed that, but of course hoped that.  She was the only female dog in the quarter finals in Big Air – that is something to be proud of.  Also Britten and Caddis did great in Iron Dog.  She beat her last years Iron Dog score at worlds by 40 points so we were really proud of that.

What are some of your favorite things about the World Championships this year?

My 2 favorite moments with Caddis was when she jumped a 25’2 jump with me in Big Air.  I even have a giant bruise on my arm from her due to the fact we were both so excited.  I even wrote 25’2 in hot pink sharpie next to it! The other favorite moment for me was when Britten and Caddis ran a 5.7?? in Iron Dog speed retrieve.  It wasn’t a personal best but it was a really great time for the weekend.  In addition I was so excited and proud to see Lianne and my Belgian Boyfriend Sexy Rexy win in Extreme Vertical – that was just amazing.

What did you think about the Outdoor Channel filming at the World Championships and them having the big Jumbotron there?  Did you see Caddis on the Jumbotron?

The Jumbotron is such a cool addition to the World Championships.  I really enjoy watching the dogs and competitors on the big screen because I am so short often times I miss seeing things.  I especially enjoy watching the replays in slow motion.  I was able to see Caddis on the big screen when Britten handled her, however when I handled her I didn’t even think to look up come to think of it!    I am proud to be part of the Outdoor Channel filming of the World Championships.  What a once in a lifetime artifact to have in our family library.  I could not be more proud of Caddis and Tractor for winning spots in this awesome production.

What did you think about the crowd at the World Championships? What kind of vibe did you feel from the crowd?

Due to the fact the championships were held in the Pacific Northwest I would not expect anything less than a wild, cow bell ringing, people cheering and chanting type of vibe from the crowd.  Good thing I didn’t expect anything less because that is what we got!  Prior to the big event I was up late at night coloring signs and shinning cow bells as were many fans from the Northwest!  Many Cascade Dockdog club members were there cheering us on like crazy and it was wonderful.  Last year we didn’t have a fan base and this year it made the experience of worlds so much better! The vibe was unforgettable (in a good way!)

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