Interviews with World DockDogs Competitor Lianne Hassen

Rex World DockDogs Competitor

How long have you been a trainer with Sit Means Sit?

I’ve been training with Fred since about 2001.

How do you feel about being invited to the 2010 Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

Very excited. I have heard so many great things about the Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships in the past, I’m so thrilled to not only be attending, but to actually be competing this year.

What disciplines are you invited to for this year’s Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

Iron Dog, Extreme Vertical, Speed Retrieve

How do you feel Sit Means Sit’s attention-based dog training system has helped you achieve being invited to this year’s Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

I am able to channel Rex’s energy so he is completely focused on the task at hand. If you watch him on the dock, you can see the herding instincts come out in him and he crouches down, ready to pounce on the Flappy!

Which DockDogs World Championships invitations will you be accepting?

All of them. I’m sure it will be non-stop all weekend, but Rex is like the energizer bunny and will love all of the jumping.

How did you earn your invitations this year?

We competed in the series of ISE events (Sacramento, CA. Phoenix, AZ. Salt Lake City, UT.) This was a series of events where you needed to compete in a minimum of two events in the series and the teams with the highest average of their 2 best results were invited to compete in the World Championships 2010.

Do you have a sponsor for the World Championships?

Yes – Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Are you happy with the location for Stihl DockDogs World Championships this year?

Yes, absolutely. I’ve never been up to Oregon and love the experience of being a part of an organization where we get to see much of the World.

Have you been to a World Championship event before?

No, this is my first time… Rex was there competing with my husband Fred last year.

What DockDogs titles does Rex have?

Master Big Air, Top Gun Extreme Vertical, Sonic Speed Retrieve, Iron Dog.

What are Rex’s current rankings in each discipline?

Extreme Vertical – 5th in the world with an average of 7’
Iron Dog – 5th in the world with an average of 3029 points
Speed Retrieve – 3rd in the world with an average of 5.38 seconds
Big Air – 96th in the world with an average of 21’ 7″

What kind of music do you and Rex prefer on the dock?

Heavy Rock & Roll

What do you tell Rex when he’s on the dock?

Make Mama Proud!

What do you like the most about Sit Means Sit’s attention-based dog training system?

The training system is easily transferable. When it comes to DockDogs competitions, I can have other people jump Rex no problem. If a client comes in for dog training lessons, it is very easy for the husband, wife and kids to all gain control of the dog.

Quote from your dog:

Don’t blink, you might miss me!

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