Teach your Labrador Retriever puppy to honor (Part 1).

In this puppy training video, you have to look closely to the right of where my wife Lianne is standing with her yellow Lab, “Dooley”, and you will see a kennel placed there and that is where my young Labrador Retriever puppy “Kohl” is sitting in.  

I’m able to control the puppy from across the water with my Sit Means Sit remote dog training collar.  You then see “Dooley”, released and go in the water to get the bumper.  I’m able to keep my puppy in a sit position while this is going on.  

Obviously the puppy cannot get out of the kennel and run around while he is enclosed in the kennel and if I need him to re-sit I’m able to stop him from across the way.  

This makes it very easy to remotely keep the puppy in a sit. Keeping the puppy in a closed, confined place so you don’t have a problem with him running to you or running away, it’s safe for everybody and he only has to sit back down in place.   Click this link for Labrador Retriever Puppy Part 2.

This training scenario makes it easy for the puppy to watch what’s going on as well.  I can get a lot more done this way because I don’t have to be right next to the dog.  And if you have multiple dogs that are out training, you can do the same thing.  As these people go up one at a time to run their dog, you can just practice your sit remotely and the dog becomes very accustomed to sitting in this environment.  This puppy will be competing in a hunt test and he needs to be steady when other dogs are going, because that is part of the exercise.

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