Los Angeles dog training seminar

This video was taken during a smaller group session at the opening for the “Sit Means Sit Collar” that was held at our Los Angeles California dog training location. The Los Angeles location is run by Luciano Aguilar. Carla Collins from our Dallas Texas dog training location, is seen here instructing a group on the use of the collar. A lot of the dogs in this dog training video clip had either no obedience or very little coming into it. This clip was taken towards the end of the 2nd day.

The little puppy in this clip is a Belgian Malinois. This clip was taken right before Carla was getting ready to instruct the entire group on how to send their dog into a crate. A few of the dogs had never been in crates before either, and the technique of the Sit Means Sit training program showed those dogs going from hesitant if they had never been in a crate before, to very confident.

Placeboards, or elevated objects, as seen in this clip are used in the training to make it clearer to the dog to not only stay in one place, but this exercise is also used in the initial stages of climbing onto things, and having confidence to go through objects as well in the initial stage of going over the object and to keep walking. A dog’s natural tendency initially is to go around the object.

Sit Means Sit dog training also uses these boards to turn the dog to both sides while on the board as well, and this helps in getting the dog very aware of his entire body. The Sit Means Sit program is an all-encompassing system that makes the dog very confident in many areas, and is able to also enjoy working for a longer period of time because of the confidence that it brings. This type of training is very universal, and can be used to help the dogs confidence in a variety of areas, and can easily be transferred over to pet training, or working dog training.

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