Luciano Aguilar from America Now show

Sit Means Sit Los Angeles dog trainer Luciano Aguilar, as seen on America Now T.V. Show. Sit Means Sit dog trainers are constantly on major T.V. networks for their expertise in dog training. Luciano is a regular feature of the America Now T.V. show.

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  1. urthcreature August 14, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    Just saw Luciano Aguilar promoting Dog “Crating” on TV. Crates are okay for a dog to use for a bed (or on the other hand for a designated bathroom with puppy pads in it), etc, just as long as you're not closing your dog in the crate. Don't close a dog in a “crate”  unless it's on the rare occasion for a very limited time period for the dog's safety, for example, during transport. How long would you like to be locked in a cage only slightly bigger than you are? For how many days in a row? How long could you even stand being enclosed in one room?   Get real. A closed “crate” is a cage.  The trend of keeping dogs in crates for hours a day is a very unfortunate, inhumane trend which is currently gaining in popularity simply because it is convenient and easy for people. It is just as cruel as chaining a dog. People use the term “crate” as a euphemism for cage because they don't want to admit they are caging a dog. If you are a person who is planning on keeping a dog in a crate/cage, please don't get a dog. Dogs are living beings, not toys for you to keep in a box until you want to play with them. Only get a dog if you can provide your dog with freedom of movement, comfort, and a humane life. Have a dog door leading to a secure yard before getting the dog. Or if you don't have a yard and won't be able to let your dog out frequently during the day, make alternative plans whether it's puppy pads in a designated area for your dog to use, or a trusted adult who will take your dog out for a walk, or a daycare for your dog if you are sure it can provide a safe, healthy, and humane/happy environment for you dog.

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