Police Dog Training Demo at Invictus 2010

This video shows Fred Hassen, demonstrating his Sit Means Sit dog training his K9 Nash at the 2010 Invictus ‘Law Dog’ event. Police dog handlers from around the United States were in attendance at this event.

Sit Means Sit CEO and Founder, Fred Hassen and staff trainer Ashton Fitz-Gerald from our corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada were asked to perform a demonstration at this event during the lunch time hour of the Sit Means Sit Police Dog Training approach. Fred happened to arrive at the host hotel a little early, and found himself doing a private demonstration for a police dog trainer in the front parking lot.

We at Sit Means Sit believe that to have a truly effective and strategic police dog and handler team, authorities should use every possible advantage they have at their disposal. Sit Means Sit are leaders in the remote collar dog training industry, and have a proven track record of producing outstanding dogs in any discipline. The videos provided by Sit Means Sit help to shed some light on the scope of what a police dog trainer or handler can expect to gain from our Police K9 School held at our corporate headquarters here in Las Vegas.

Here’s what you can exepct from our Police K9 School:

  • Instruction and hands on application/integration of remote dog training collars (e-collars) into a K9 training program.
  • Total control over a police dog in ANY environment, without sacrificing desire
  • Gain the ability to manage your police dog more efficiently making him a more effective deterrant and partner
  • Diversification of your police dog’s understanding of bite technique to improve his performance in static situations, multiple assailant scenarios, as well as building his ability to subdue an assailant around a variety of environmental distractions.

Most importantly, your police dog team will gain the confidence to:

  • Recall your K9 ANYwhere, at ANYtime!
  • Control your K9’s bite release instantly

Most importantly, perform all this off leash at a distance, and in a politically correct fashion

Contact us today for information about our Police Dog Training School. (This program is limited to active duty K9 handlers)

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