Protection dog training video

This protection dog training video was taken at the 2007 Sit Means Sit/No Limitations annual reunion. A portion of the gathering was held at Floyd Lamb state park in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have a firing range at this particular part of the park, which is about 40-50 yards away from where we were doing our training. It sure is great when you can automatically train your dog around gun fire, and loud noises without having to go out and find it and instead, it comes to you! Ashton Fitz-Gerald from our Sit Means Sit dog training head office in Las Vegas is seen here practicing a little bitework and obedience around the gunfire. Dave Skoletsky, who heads the Denver dog training division of the Sit Means Sit training centers for business owners, is also in this clip taking a bite from Pharoah. The 2008 Alumni gathering will be held in Denver, Colorado and will be orchestrated by Dave and his Denver staff. There is also a part of this clip showing Alfredo Rivera teaching Scott Sanchez, who will be opening a Sit Means Sit dog training location in Maui Hawaii, a few pointers on catching a dog in bitework. This was Scott’s first opportunity to be in a bitesuit. Scott currently operates Maximum Performance Group, aka Team MPG. His athletes include World Cup Windsurfers, World Cup Alpine skiers, Tow surfers, Track & Field athletes and of late, a Formula One race cardriver. With eight Olympic cycles to his credit both as a competitive athlete and coach, we are certainly looking forward to Scott opening
up Hawaii, the Aloha State, with more happy Sit Means Sit dogs and clients in the future.

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